I was playing with my camera again and now have lovely photos of my thoroughbred mare Berry.




She’s an ex racehorse who raced one race and didn’t even finish. Her owners decided she wasn’t going to make it as a racehorse. So she made the journey to a friend who started under her under saddle.

Then I came into the picture. I was looking for a sane horse to make up for my current crazy one. So I went and saw her… and rode her. She was two years old. I halfway thought I would crush her tiny bones – but I did get on her.

Two year old Berry

She was kind of weird looking and oddly proportioned. But she was so quiet and wonderful and a perfect little baby. I wanted her.

She spent the next two years relaxing in the field. Then I began riding her, and she was obedient, kind and forgiving. She was wonderful for my confidence after dealing with crazy horse mentioned earlier. I’ve had her now for 3 years, and she is my primary riding horse. I’m going to be working with her this fall and winter and next year I will take her to some shows.

Berry Showing
Berry and I at a show September 2013

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