Baby Trees!

Back in the spring, I joined the Arbor Day Foundation. I picked trees as my free gift, and then moved on to other things. I didn’t forget about the Arbor Day Foundation, which would have been impossible due to the amount of mail they sent me, but I did forget I had trees on the way.

Then I discovered my mailbox stuffed full with a bag of sticks. It had a picture of a stork and was labeled “Baby Trees”! It was adorable!

The baby trees could only live loose for so long, so DaveĀ and I delayed a full day, and then rushed around to plant the little babies before they died of thirst.

Once they were settled in their spots, I decorated my favorite.

baby Colorado spruce
I shall call him Albert of the Colorado Spruces, first of his name.

The others didn’t have the support system Albert did, so they had to make do with the spray paint they came with.

baby tree from arbor day foundation



The tree package I receivd is the Wildbird Garden, which containsĀ 2 Arrowwood Virburnum, a Colorado Blue Spruce, a Bur Oak, a Gray Dogwood, a Northern Red Oak, a River Birch, a Sargent Crabapple, a Tuliptree, and a Washington Hawthorn. I know nearly nothing about these trees, except what the information they sent in the package of trees. Hopefully they are all in good locations for their needs.

I don’t have a good track record of keeping plants alive. I’m hoping these poor baby trees don’t die from simply being near me. It’s happened before.

Vultures in the nearby trees
A bad omen from the neighbor’s property.

Poffins followed me around, and enjoyed rolling in the grass. Hopefully she won’t smell now.

yorkie dog

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