Paxton the Yorkie

I’m mentioned my tiny dog before, as she always follows me around. She is usually never more than about 10 feet from me, and she constantly sits on my lap if I’m sitting.

I haven’t really mentioned Paxton, my other yorkie, although he was the featured yorkie in Cutting Small Dog Hair. Paxton is much more independent, and outgoing. He’s the most charismatic dog I’ve ever met. He knows how to work the crowd.

My husband bought him for me back in 2008. I had wanted a yorkie so bad, he decided to surprise me with him. Dave found a breeder on the internet and ordered a puppy. It might have been innocence or ignorance in not knowing, but it turned out it was a puppy mill. We ended up on a forum discussing this, and several people also dealt with this place, and they were doing all sorts of internet sleuthing on it.

He was very sick, and unfortunately the first vet we went to could not even figure out why. After two days of working with that vet, his health was deteriorating. We took him to another vet, who diagnosed him with coccidiosis, anemia, dehydration and kennel cough. After a few days staying at the vet, his condition stabilized, and we took him home. He finally started acting like a real puppy.

First picture (when he first arrived, prior to the vet stay)
First picture (when he first arrived, prior to the vet stay)

Afterward - romping in the grass!
Afterward – romping in the grass!



Tiny fangs!

A few months later, with his surprisingly large companion.

Dog 017

Dog 019

The “breeder” said he would be about 5-7 lbs. Imagine our surprise as he continued to grow…

Paxton 015

We took him everywhere with us. He would usually puke in the car on the way, which wasn’t too fun, but he was so darn cute.



That same year (about 5 months later, we got him a friend.

He’s quite big compared to her… and it would remain that way forever.

He’s just so dang cute. I can’t get over him.

"Ewok" face. The beginning of an era of being adorable.
“Ewok” face. The beginning of an era of being adorable.

Now he weighs about 20 lbs, and he’s the most loveably little ball of fur. He’s totally passive to being held, and tossed about, but he’s up for lots of playing. In fact, anytime someone might be interested in playing, he’s there. It’s hard to get a pictures of that though.

He’s just so happy!

He also hasn’t been sick at all since the horrible initial vet visit. He’s definitely not a breed standard yorkie in appearance, but I think he gives yorkies a good name. Everyone who meets him loves him, and he loves everyone. He could be (dare I say it?) The Perfect Dog.

He’s not left out of posts due to lack of love. He just has better things to do. The other tiny dog has nothing better to do than follow me around.

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