Gardening with Chickens

I wish I meant using them like tools, or perhaps assigning them tasks and they could scurry off to follow my command. But what actually happens is I spent lots of time planting and laying mulch, and then they come over to investigate. And they investigate with their feet, by scratching around in the mulch.

I spent the entire Sunday weeding and mulching the garden. It’s shocking something so simple can end up taking hours.

After the chickens kicked up all the mulch I laid, they stared at my tulips for a bit. I think they were impressed with my tulips. I’m kind of impressed with them myself. I just dropped some bulbs in the ground in fall, and I have lots and lots of pretty flowers now.


They were very impressed with my tulip that is somehow producing four flower heads.


Then, of course, they just spent some general time staring at me.

Head hen Fluffers, and the gorgeous Y'grette. She's so pretty!
Head hen Fluffers, and the gorgeous Y’grette. She’s so pretty!

My favorite hen, Lil’ Cochin, is spending time trying to hatch eggs. While this is very time consuming, she graciously obliged to taking a picture with me.

IMAG00126 1
She’s an expert at selfies.

Afterward, I promptly threw out all the eggs she was sitting on, because I don’t want any babies around here. She was not happy about this, but did not seem to connect the missing eggs with me, as she then spent time searching the coop for the missing eggs. The perfect crime. Muwahaha.

Even after hours spent weeding, I still have more weeding to do. I gave up after attempting to weed around the thorniest rose bush, and I decided the danger just wasn’t worth it. All the weeding left to do is around the rose bushes, so I might need some armor before attempting.

Now I just need another day off to recover from Sunday. 🙁

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