Berry, the Weirdo

After a tiring few weeks, I’m feeling much better. I even rode Vintage!

Much to Vintage's dismay
Much to Vintage’s dismay

In an effort to make taking care of my horses easier, I let them in the my backyard, so they are literally only steps away. But, because I own a Weirdo Horse (TM), it turns out this does not make everything/anything easier.

We returned from an outing to find Berry up on the deck, a good 20 feet above ground, placidly gazing out over the view, while Vintage and Pony Man squealed and raced back and forth under the deck.

I was ready to freak out, as she was standing where our old hot tub was, and the boards were weak and breaking underneath. But as soon as she saw me, she had the air of “Oh! There you are!” and casually strolled away from the danger, back to me.

Dramatic reenactment, with Paxton playing the part of Berry.
Dramatic reenactment, with Paxton playing the part of Berry. Berry knocked over the flowers and many other things while adventuring on the deck.

With every step, I was afraid the boards would break and she would go right through. But then held, even when she jumped down the levels of the stairs leading back to the ground. I was very afraid she wouldn’t be able to go down the stairs, but all she needed was a tug on the forelock and she willingly went down.

Then, even though I was finding it hard to move around, I shooed them back into the pasture and locked them out. I can’t trust them to be in my backyard and to mow my lawn, so I suppose I will have to do it the normal, irritating way of getting on my ride on mower.

About a day later, we were driving hay down to the barn, which requires going through the horse pasture. Berry decided to stand in front of the truck and stare at us. Dave leaned on the horn, and she still stood there staring at us. Dave eased off the break, slowly rolling toward her, and she still didn’t move. The truck actually touched her, and pushed against her, and then she finally decided to move. Weirdo Horse (TM).

Who's a little weirdo?! Yes, you are!
Who’s a little weirdo?! Yes, you are!

In sad chicken news, my beloved Little Cochin is no more. Even though they are locked in their run 24/7 now due to threat of fox, she somehow got out and the fox got her.

I'll always remember her with her beak stuffed full of bread.
I’ll always remember her with her beak stuffed full of bread.

We also lost our porcelain d’uccle, who had hatched a little chick and they were super cute together. The chick cried for a few days afterward, and it was super sad. Even now, she tries to find a chicken to snuggle up with at night. She always used to tuck under her mother’s wing at night to sleep.

The run has been reinforced since then, and we haven’t lost anymore. But it’s too late for my poor Little Cochin. We actually have a second bantam cochin just like her now, that I got in this summer, but she will never replace the original, even if we now call her Little Cochin as well. (it’s hard to keep coming up with chicken names!)

Now I’m just looking forward to riding more! Getting back on that horse, and all that. Yay for feeling healthy again!

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  1. Really hoping you’ll be feeling better quickly! I’m giggling so hard at your Weirdo Horse. Vinny should be teaching her how to horse better. Vinny is the best at everything (yes, I’m completely obsessed with her, so what?!)

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Oh dear. What a terrifying and yet hilarious (after the fact) story. Silly horse! Sorry to hear about your chickens.

  3. Sorry for all the rough times.
    Hoping you are recovering. Hugs!

    On another note, tell me about the eggs from a Bantam Cochin. I’m used to the big eggs, and frequency, from large breeds.
    I know cochins lay fewer per week. But a banty cochin – is it next to nothing? Really want to know!

  4. I love the way you are able to make me laugh. I would have freaked out to find one of our horses on the deck! I do relate to that scenario about them as help mowing the lawn. We tried that one time outside the paddock beside the barn and they quickly found mischief we hadn’t considered. In the end, all I got out of the deal was the grass filled with deep hoof impressions everywhere. It went into our “bad idea” file.

    1. That true, it’s easy for me to make fun of her, as I can take in the view everyday, but the poor horse doesn’t get opportunities to look out at the scenery! She has to take advantage when she can!

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