Pony Man Check In

The least exciting thing to happen over the weekend is that I injured my back somehow. It was almost magical how it happened, I went to sleep feeling fine, and then I woke up a cripple, for no apparent reason. Now I’m hobbling around like an old lady, having to use the furniture, husband and pets as anchors to bend over. I never appreciated how nice it is to pick things up off the floor until I couldn’t do it anymore.

But even in my crippled state, we went to visit Pony over the weekend, because I was missing my tiny bundle of joy/angst. He was turned out when we arrived, and I rushed to the fence to call him over and proclaim my love and devotion to him. He ignored me. Dave walked over to the fence and called him. Pony’s head immediately shot up, and he hurried over to Dave.

“Daddy!! Never leave me again!”

Pony’s trainer, Sarah, was the lucky one who actually braved the mud to bring him in (I think Virginia will never be dry again).

In the few weeks he’s been here, she’s been working heavily on his groundwork. Unfortunately, he’s an anxious little guy, so he will be going along fine, and then OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING explosion of energy. He does come right back though.

He now crossties, ground drives, and stands for extended periods of time. Sarah has laid across him a few times, and is planning to climb aboard for a ride today or tomorrow. This time, Sarah took Pony to the arena to demonstrate his ground driving.


As Sarah and Pony strutted around the arena, the most terrifying thing that could happen, happened. A paper feed bag blew towards the ring. He tried to stay strong.

“AHH Save me! And yourself, I guess!”
“This is a trick, bags are notorious murderers of ponies!”

Then he figured out the bag contained delicious food at some point.

“NOM NOM, I want more bag!”

After the excitement of the day, he then had to stand on the crossties for 30 minutes while the grown ups talked, just like a real grown up pony. Standing around being bored is a always going to be a part of an equine’s life.

Overall, he was a good little pony. I’m eagerly anticipating the first ride, and really hoping it occurs as soon as possible!


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