Struttin’ the Dressage

I went to a clinic at my dressage trainer’s this weekend, and before the clinic was a woman riding her beautiful horse. She getting a mini lesson from her, and making me wish I was more diligent about taking dressage lessons…or even practicing dressage. Of course, I took tons of photos so I could photoshop my face over hers dream about what it would be like to be this good.

Is this a stalling post while I write up the clinic post, Courtney? Yes, it is, other Courtney. So here are some photos.


This could almost be like a selfie, because you can see me in the mirror, playing the part of the creepy photographer.

Her expression is, “Why is that woman watching me?”

Despite looking like I took these with my cell phone, I actually did not. I just haven’t figured out indoor photography at all



The mirror pic below is not me though. As though I’d wear a red shirt. Hah!


She’s glowing!



Afterward, I was talking to her, and it turns out she just had a baby three weeks ago! She had hopped back in the saddle as soon as she possibly could. Her newborn son had already been to the barn a few times with her. I can only hope if I have a baby, I’d be back in the saddle that quickly.

About 30 minutes later, she was being the demo rider for the clinic. I also admire her stamina! More on that tomorrow.

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