Vintage Bouncing Back

After spending a small fortune on getting Vintage evaluated/treated, I was worried that it would basically do nothing, and I’d have to spend even more money to re-evaluate the issue. They weren’t 100% sure what the issue was to began with, so it was kind of a “This looks like it might cause the issue, let’s inject, hope for the best”.

Fortunately, this method actually is working. I can’t claim that she’s 100% yet, but she’s looking pretty good! I was given permission to ride her, so I started doing that, with gusto. She’s comfortable enough to ride that I don’t use a saddle, so I basically don’t clean her up very well (or myself for that matter), which is why we look like we both rolled in mud.

Pictured: World's laziest rider.
Pictured: World’s laziest rider.

Although I am telling myself that it will be really good for my legs to ride her bareback a lot. Frankly, whatever gets her ridden, I’m okay with, even if it does make me end up with a gross stain.


I will be generous and actually bring out her saddle the next time I have a guest ride her. There was an unfortunate incident where we went out on a trail ride and Vintage’s rider ended up with extremely dirty and wet jeans. Sorry about that, next time I won’t be so lazy.

Vintage can still be a bit stiff, but to be fair, she is 19 years old, and she would get stiff when she’s not ridden a lot before she hurt herself, so I don’t really think it’s related.  She’s moving much better, and the chronic swelling around her fetlock has vanished. She is still on anti-inflammatorys, but if taking a fourth of a pill daily makes her sound, I think that’s pretty minimal maintenance.

Riding her is bringing out the teenager in me. Whereas with Berry, I’m cautious, and I want to make sure I’m setting her up for success, with Vintage, I do whatever seems like fun at any given moment. “How many stupid things can I do today!?” One day, it was trying terrible poses. I haven’t managed any good poses yet (some seem kind of hard on the horse’s back), but I’m confident I’ll get to the standing up pose that so many people seem fond of.

Bareback sidesaddle: A sport for the truly brave/stupid.
Bareback sidesaddle: A sport for the truly brave/stupid.

At this point in her life, I’m sure she’s resigned herself to put up with such tom foolery. Although that doesn’t mean she’s going to be happy about it.

She's also very judgmental.
She’s very judgmental.

The plan with her moving forward is to keep her in work and fit, and the vet will be out soon to determine just how well the injections worked. At this point I can tell that she’s trail/casual riding sound, but ideally, I want her jumping sound again. Might be too much to ask of a 19 year old horse though.

Anyone have a success story of bring their older horse back from an injury?

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  1. Justin isn’t quite older… but he has the arthritis of an older horse! I think your plan so far is good. Fitness is key, especially since you can ride now. A fit horse is stronger and less likely to get injured. I just try to take it day by day and enjoy all the riding I can get 🙂

  2. Aw I’m so relieved she is doing better!! I love how your outfits might change and her expressions might change (or not) but she’s always just as dirty in the pics lol

    1. hahaha, yes, she can be gross. She has a lot of white on her it stains! (at least that’s my excuse!)

  3. I’m glad the injections are helping! I feel like I do lots of that with Paige…the goofing off rides that is. I haven’t stood on her yet, but more because I don’t know why I’d need to, and I don’t trust my own balance. She’s steady, so I’m not worried about that aspect of it. 😉

    1. Yeah I actually have zero plans to stand on her. I was just kidding, I have no idea why people do that. It’s nice to have a horse that’s so trustworthy though!

  4. Glad to hear she is doing better! My guy is only 14 but I put him on Exceed 6 way when he started to get hock sore and even though he is 100% now I’m too afraid to take him off of it.

    1. I hadn’t heard of that before… I’ll have to look into it and see if it something that could help Vintage.

  5. An interesting point to make would be that these costs all include labor. If you do some of the work on your own, these averages can go way up. Add to that finding and sourcing your own materials and you remove another markup.

  6. Just taking a quick scan of that list, I think you’ll be covered by my Top 150 overall list – as almost all of those guys should make it, plus possibly a whole bunch of others you didn’t list who may be available as well. In the meantime, if you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask.

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