4-H Show Prep

In case you are wondering, no, I am not in 4-H, as I am a full grown adult that cannot pass for a teenager. But, this 4-H show is catering to non-member apparently, and full grown adults can show at it.

4-H brings back such feelings of nostalgia. In my youthful, carefree days, I was a member of 4-h, and I was always disappointed I didn’t go to more shows. That was in the pre-horse ownership days, and the horse I rode was owned by a loon who apparently hated shows, and possibly hated horses. So naturally, when I saw I could go to a 4-H show as an adult, I was all over that, and trying to convince everyone I knew to go with me.

The tire still hasn’t been fixed. But, luckily, I have parents who understand my desperation, and they lent me their truck to use on Saturday for what I had already signed up for. It isn’t the full weekend like I hoped, but I’m not going to be greedy. At least I won’t abandon my friend who signed up fully expecting me to be there with her, but I won’t be able to do hilarious games like barrels, or egg and spoon. I really feel like Berry had potential to be a champion Egg and Spoon horse.

Having a show goal, no matter how small, makes me ride better. I’m kind of lazy most of the time when I ride. When no one’s judgmental eyes are upon me, do I really need to not have a hunchback?   I know, I know, I’m terrible. But when I’m prepping for a show, I’m thinking, I better sit straight up, or put Berry in a better frame, because I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing (you know, as much as I possibly can while still not knowing what I’m doing).


Additionally, it makes me realize that I forgot to teach Berry things. I better not ever encounter any gates ever, because I will not be able to open it mounted. Sure, I’ve been practicing lead changes for seemingly for months, but when I might actually use it, I realize I actually have not practiced in months, and I probably should have… I mean, it’s been months, jeez.

On the plus side, she neck reins now, a bit in a turning battleship type way. At least my enthusiasm for polo paid off. And she trots super slow. I’m not sure if that will be at all useful though. Too bad I didn’t sign up for any western classes!

My friend, isn’t a big show person, so this is new to her. I went over to see her ride, and explain the subtle nuances of 4-H, such as showmanship. She really took, “Be proud of your horse,” to heart, so I think she’s going to do well!

I, however, while always mostly proud of Berry, am slightly embarrassed because she continues to rip out her tail. Every time I stall her, I come out to find more tail attached to her water bucket than the the stub of a tail bone. It’s pretty sad when my appaloosa, a breed known for having a scraggly tail, has a way better tail than my thoroughbred.


I’m not getting a fake tail, she’s just going to have a wisp of a tail. Maybe she’ll think twice about putting her tail in her water (probably not).

I also entered in my very first jumper class. I figure if I am really feeling intimidated, I’ll just trot the whole thing. But, I’m feeling about 87% confident that I will be just fine. Hopefully it’s not that much different from hunters…maybe it will even be more fun! We shall see…!

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  1. I wish I had done 4H as a kid. My neighbor is a 4H leader, and it makes me wish I had done it even more when I hear about all the fun of doing fair.

  2. I did 4-H all through middle school and high school — it was a ton of fun, and I made some really great friends through it. Good luck and have fun!!

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