I Got a Haircut

Warning: This post contains nothing related to horses, and is completely comprised of selfies of my hair.

Breaking News: I got a haircut. This may not seem like news, but I hate going to salons because it always takes forever, so I rarely get my hair cut. Maybe once a year. Yes, I do often have split ends, but it’s worth it to avoid an hours long appointment.

As I always do, when I finally made the decision to get my haircut, I immediately went to a hair salon with no appointment. Luckily, my usual one had an opening. I gave her the very vague direction, “Long, with lots of layers, and cheek length bangs,” and then proceeded to zone out for the next half hour, which was by far the quickest haircut I have ever had.

Now glorious light shines down on me, with my new crisp, non-frayed hair. She cut off about four inches, so naturally, I feel like I lost about 10lbs. She cut off almost all the remaining blonde highlights, so I no longer have my ombre look. I’m now 100% brunette.

Obligatory hair photo.
Obligatory hair photo.

I had to see how it looked up in a ponytail.

Kind of like a cheerleader.
Kind of like a cheerleader.

I also had to find out what it looked like in a pretty dress. Just to be ready, in case an important event came up and I didn’t have time to fully consider how my hair would look.

I call this my "Margaery Tyrell" dress, because the back is missing. Margaery was such a great dresser...WHY DID YOU TAKE HER AWAY FROM US?!
I call this my “Margaery Tyrell” dress, because the back is missing. Margaery was such a great dresser…WHY WAS SHE┬áTAKEN AWAY FROM US?!

Then, because I have a sad, lonely existence, I decided to see how it would look with a super fancy dress that otherwise would have a sad, lonely existence in the closet.

Someone, somewhere needs to have a black tie event so I can wear this. Do it for the dress.
Someone, somewhere needs to have a black tie event so I can wear this. Do it for the dress.

Maybe a horse bloggers gala is in order. But someone else figure out all the logistics. Everyone else will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

I’ve learned a few important lessons from this – I will always go back to the salon with the fast hair cutter, because a fast hair cut is almost as important as one that looks good. I also learned I need to stop impulse buying evening gowns because I have yet to wear them. But…but..! The temptations! There’s a full skirted ball gown for $100!! What if I have to go to a ball on short notice?! I don’t want to be left unprepared!

On the subject of hair, shortly after I got it cut, I went hiking. Upon returning home, I discovered my ankles were covered in deer ticks. It was one of my top five grossed out moments. After a lengthy removal process, I took a shower just to be sure. And then I took another shower, but this time, I used my dog’s flea and tick shampoo, lathering it up, and letting it sit for five minutes.

It made my hair as beautiful as a labradoodle!
It made my hair as beautiful as a labradoodle!

My hair is shockingly smooth now! It conditioned it really well! Who knew that dog flea and tick shampoo was an undercover beauty product! Don’t be surprised if it becomes the next big thing!!***

***Do not actually use Flea and Tick Shampoo. I’m fairly certain it is literal poison, due to the numerous warnings on the bottle, and also the intense burning sensation on my skin, during, and after treatment. Possibly there will be a follow up post when I go to the dermatologist to try to figure out how to keep my remaining hair and skin.

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    1. Yeah I’m kind of regretting it now. I’m covered in a rash, so might end up going to the doctor anyway….

      But thank you!!

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