Katie Price’s Pony Club

Katie Price is a British reality show celebrity, with a ready for TV drama filled life. I’m not a fan of reality TV shows, but throw in horses, and yes, I absolutely am a fan! I don’t care if it’s good, or terrible, I want to watch this so badly! What do we need to do to get this to the U.S.?!

This is the best video to describe exactly what this is. You can actually see Katie Price riding a bit. Plus, kids falling off. I wonder if one episode will feature a trip to the emergency room.

And then all the promo videos:

I don’t know the history of this woman, so I’m not sure if I should love her or hate her, but I kind of love her for doing her own work on her farm.

AND she has chickens!

Seems she’s a bit immature, and loves pink. And of course, embarrasses her children.

Please TLC, bring this to the U.S.!!!

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