Thursday Night Dressage

The local GMO has Thursday night dressage shows. I find this very cool, because how many times have you been partially through a week and thought, “Wow, I really wish I had a mid-week horse show to look forward through.” But then you’d realize you have to send in your entry form in advance to be able to show, and additionally, if you are me, you’d have to have a truck that doesn’t have a flat tire.

I went with my friend who was showing her mare dressage for the first time. We recently did the 4-H show together, but this time, she was taking her intended show horse, instead of the backup.

Super cute mare and human.
Super cute mare and human.

As it has been recently in Virginia, it was hot. Even at 5pm, it was hot. But, we got moving and she mounted on up.


Her horse is Hera, a 16h dark bay mare of unknown breeding. She’s a bit of a mystery, as she was picked up by my friend from Camelot horse auction. My friend has had her at least two years now, but began serious work with her in the last six months. The other day, she let me ride her, and she is a very interesting ride. She’s extremely forward and athletic, with a huge canter stride, and it’s apparent that at sometime someone spent a lot of time training her. But she’s incredibly sensitive, and can get very hot. To put it lightly, she’s a very challenging ride, which is why I’m assuming she was dropped off at Camelot, in otherwise great health, and appearing like someone took care of her. She is not amateur friendly.

I find her fascinating. Before I rode her, I didn’t truly realize how difficult she can be. My friend makes her look easy. I am extremely impressed with my friend, as she’s done all the riding on Hera, and often times without a trainer watching her.


The show was at Warrenton Show Grounds, the same place I showed a few months ago. Once again, I am so pleased that this place is so close, and also that it’s next to a 7-11, so I can go get Brisk Half Lemonade, Half Tea, when I’m feeling the urge. Also, water, after I finish the Brisk and discover that it’s not actually thirst quenching.

But I digress… Hera was ridden around, and my friend discovered the benefit to showing up way earlier than needed, as Hera got very excited about being in a new place.

Excited and uphill Hera.
Excited and uphill Hera.

But, eventually she ran out of steam, and was ready for her test. It accidentally very well timed, she was all warmed up, and ready to go, and then the steward came over and said to go!

Although accidentally it was too soon, as the rider before her hadn’t started their test. But, moments later, she was headed out to start. I didn’t get any photos of their test, as I was calling it for her. It was Intro B, and she ended up placing third.

Since I was calling, I was still in the ring as she exited. Not sure how the other competitors felt about me lingering...
Since I was calling, I was still in the ring as she exited. Not sure how the other competitors felt about me lingering to take pictures…

She had a second test coming up, Intro C. It was a few minutes of waiting, but she was back into the ring. Once again, I was calling her test so I didn’t get any photos of the actual test.


Overall, she had a great outing with Hera, and I am so proud of her! She’s one of the most positive people I know, and she loves her mare so much, it is touching.

I’m hoping more of the Hera mystery will be unraveled, as we figure out what she does or doesn’t know. Next time I see her, I’m going to check for a lip tattoo, just in case. That would at least be a start, although I’m not too optimistic there will be one. If only horses came with a detailed history!

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  1. my friends have been doing all sorts of midweek evening shows lately too and they sound like so much fun! glad Hera found your friend and is doing well 🙂

  2. Midweek shows are an interesting concept. My only dislike would be getting home late and then having to go to work the next day, and also having horse show hang over the next day at work. Also, I feel that none of the Brisk teas are all that thirst quenching. I have found that some of the flavors even make me more thirsty! I am 100% in love with the half and half too.

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