Win a Year’s Supply of Onions

To thank you all for hopefully continuing to check out my blog in hopes that I’m going to update, or those who will still click on it if it pops up in their blog reader, I’ve decided to host another giveaway:

The Holiday Onion Extravaganza!!!!

Wow! So many onions!

I was talking to Dave the other day, asking him to pick up some groceries, and I added an onion to his list. He complained that he’s bought me lots of onions, and they end up going to waste. In the past year, at least 6 onions have gone to waste, left on the counter only to be discarded when I decide they are too old for me to eat. They truly were a waste of money. If I had not bought those 6 onions, and saved my money, I could have purchased a single latte at Starbucks. But, on the counter argument, if I abandoned my near daily Starbucks, I would easily be able to afford lots of onions.

If I consume onions at a rate of one onion a week (cut up for my daily salad), it would only take giving up 9 Starbucks lattes to provide me with a year’s supply of onions. One Starbucks heavy week could provide me with all the onions I could care to eat for one year. Seriously, think about how many onions YOU could buy, if you gave up your Starbucks habit. Probably a lot.

That is how I calculated my giveaway. A single reader, and onion fan, could, nay should consume 52 onions in a year. Perhaps someone who really loved onions might want more, but I’m going to go with the more casual onion eater. Now, technically, this formula was developed for the red onion, as they are the salad onion. I can’t be exact when calculating with other varieties of onions, I just have to use what I know about red onions and hope it applies.

I will provide one reader with a year’s supply of onions to do whatever they feel like doing with them. They could eat them (recommended), use them as stocking stuffers, pass them out to onion loving friends, cut them up and leave them around someone’s house as a prank so they start crying from the vapors, or really, whatever you’d like to do with your onions! (This blog does not support using onions in a violent or derogatory way.)

Please note that you do not get an option of what kind of onions you will receive. It will be most likely yellow onions, so you will have to accept that.

I know this is the prize you’ve been waiting for, (perhaps the prize of the year!!) so enter by leaving a comment below, and make sure you include your email because otherwise I’m not going to be able to contact you to ship you your year’s supply of onions!

Since I know not everyone is a fan of onions, I will offer a consolation prize to someone who perhaps doesn’t like onions, or just doesn’t have strong feelings about onions. A Christmas Pony Ornament!

A lovely Christmas snow scene has been painted on this trotting horse, a Trail of Painted Ponies Ornament from SmartPak. There’s also a red one that can be an option.

So you can still enter, and just say you want the Pony, and I’ll give you the ornament instead of a year’s supply of onions. I mean, the onions really are a better value, but I guess I could see the reason for not wanting a case of 52 onions from a stranger on the internet.

Enter by commenting below!

ETA: Giveaway runs until Nov 30, and then I will announce the winner of the onions, since that’s what it seems everyone wants. Very well, I shall provide.

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaahaha! Points for creativity on a blog giveaway! I, for one, would love a year’s supply of onions, since my husband is a magician with them. His favorite recipes start with cooking them for three hours in a very low oven. They basically turn into onion candy at that point.

    Very funny post!

  2. Omg. You’re cracking me up. As usual. I miss you. I’m not sure where I’d put a years worth of onions???? Do they lat a year? Either way….rotfl.

    1. Uhh i think they last a few months. I was thinking about having people submit vouchers per several months supply of onions, but I don’t think I want to keep up with that many onions.
      I miss you too!

  3. I could use those onions. I love onion soup and some nice yellow onions would be perfect. Of course the horse is cute also. Hummmmm onions vs horse, onions or horse, onions or horse, I just don’t know What a difficult choice!

  4. But like..if I got a case of 52 onions at one time I don’t think they would last an entire year lol. I’d be down for some onions..and the pony because its really freaking cute

    1. Yeah I don’t know that they would…. I was thinking about a voucher system where the winner would submit the request for the next shipment of onions, but I don’t know that I want to think about onions that much

  5. I love onions too! But you’d have to ship them halfway across the country if I win! Onion soup would be my way to go…. but roasted sounds good too….
    Cute idea! 😂

  6. 52 onions might only get me through til May… will the prize be prorated on estimated need or just on a flat rate? *fingers crossed*

  7. Onions, onions, I love onions in everything. I could certainly use a years supply of onions, Did i say I love onions. Just let me know when they are on the way.

  8. If you compost, there is no guilt on not using up onions before they get icky. I know. From experience. Actually, that goes for the last little bits of spinach in the bag, the apple that’s too gross for even the horse.

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