Spring Gold Cup

Gold Cup was over a week ago. But it did happen, so here’s the official report. 

It was a very wet, very muddy day that basically passed in a blur. But a great day with bloggers Emma, D’Arcy, and Shelby

We actually got Emma to come out! We were thrilled that we managed to bring her to our area in Virginia! 

Looking super stylish in a red jacket with the hood up while wearing a fascinator.

We drank champagne/mimosas.

She has a mimosa in her hand, but also the term “cute as a button” as been thrown around.

We were invited onto Member’s Hill and maybe/maybe not into a certain tent and definitely did not sneak in to enjoy the open bar and feeling of exclusiveness. 

Everyone looks totally adorable and I look like grandma’s lace doily, and I’m trusting all of you to never bring this up again.

Also, I believe there was a horse race going on.

He must have won a race!
That first horse looks like it’s auditioning for the ballet.

Another highlight included watching the women who wore fancy heels that ended up completely covered in mud. Poor ladies…

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