Vet Inspection of F#

Yesterday the vet checked out Sharpie, and he officially became mine. I basically already announced him before due to excitement, but now he’s truly and officially mine! Which means I can tell way more about his bloodlines without feeling like a weirdo stalker of breeders.

But first, his vet inspection!

This is the first time I’ve bought a youngster with a vet check – when I bought Pony, I just kind of winged it. I mean, he worked out great, but still… probably not going to do that again. 

So, we showed up, and the breeders went to retrieve our lovely babies from the field. 

playing foal
Olivet is super interested in the lead rope.
playing foals
They frolicked and played while walking, unfortunately, the camera missed the best parts!

The vet was running a little bit late, so we sat with the foals for a bit, waiting. It did result in some pretty cute photos!

westfalen na foal

I also found out that Sharpie is now super friendly, despite having no interaction with anyone since the last time I saw him. He has become a sweet little gentleman that loves getting itches. Naturally, he requested lots of itches from everyone. 

foal face

He’s basically Pony, in chestnut horse form. Super friendly, and wants everyone to love him. Including Olivet, who has higher standards than that. 

“Hello, fellow foal! I would like to be friends, please!”

I’m sure eventually they will get along. 

The interesting things learned today:

  • Sharpie has a teeny hernia, which may fix itself, or it may require minor surgery. We will watch it, and see if it goes away. If not, he’ll get surgery for it when he’s castrated in the fall. 
  • Sharpie walks on the outside of his front hooves. This means his feet will wear unevenly, and if left alone, would eventually result in injury due to the unbalance. The vet emphasized that Sharpie is currently like molding clay, and if I stay on top of it, I can keep the hooves even, and potentially get them to wear evenly again. But, I should count on never missing a trim, running a file over it between trims, and likely having front shoes on him when he goes into work to preserve the levelness. 

Despite these terrible issues, I signed the papers and wrote the check. He’s 100% mine. 

foal scratches

foal canter

The next time I could possibly see him is at his inspection for Westfalen NA. I haven’t quite worked out the logistics as I’m working that day, but hopefully I’ll be able to attend. I’m not counting on a great score, though. His mother is extremely relaxed and does not like to move out. Sharpie likes to hang out directly next to his mother and do the tiniest of little trots to keep pace with her. He’s an expert at the teeny tiny little trot. But… maybe he’ll surprise me? Maybe someone will light off fireworks and they will finally react? 

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  1. Ahhhhh Sharpie and his scratches!! He and Pony are going to be the best of friends, and maybe Olivet will come around to the idea lol

  2. Fingers crossed for the hernia! The feet is such a small issue in the bigger picture. All horses have some issues, at least this is manageable with your farrier 🙂

    1. I hope it goes away! But it doesn’t sound too horrible if it doesn’t. I’m glad its not worse!

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