Barn Plans

I am very, very excited to share my brand new barn plans! WOOOOOO!! My mother came out to take some measurements of the existing barn, and based on my vague description of what I would like, has come up with a plan that brings everything together. 


The overall layout:

barn layout

One outside view:

Another outside view:

Not only is my mom an awesome mother, but she’s also an architect and business owner of JSW Residental Design. She’s pretty awesome, so I’m happy to refer anyone looking for a building plan to her. Her email is

I’m so excited about my new barn, and I can’t wait to get started!! But, right now the timeline is looking like this:

  1. Finish clearing smaller paddock
  2. Level space for shed to be installed
  3. Install shed
  4. Install electric band fencing

The priority is basically making sure that the babies have a place to live over the winter. I don’t know how long this barn will take to build and I don’t want to risk them not having a home. 

When we are confident the babies will have a place to live we will start on putting in posts for this extension. I’m just hoping we manage to start on this before the ground freezes!

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  1. um those plans are AMAZING ! looks like a fantastic update to your barn – good luck getting it all prepared quickly! can’t wait to see those little nuggets come home!

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