Electric Fence is Up!

In one of the easiest jobs yet, we put up the electric fence. With just a few more weeks to go, everything is almost complete!

I decided we should shrink the area slightly, just to make it a little bit safer for the babies. It drops down on a hill, and since no grass is going to grow at this point anyway, it seemed pointless to possibly have them sliding down a hill for no reason. The purpose of this paddock is just for exercise, they will have 25/7 round bale. Plus, they are tiny right now, so how much exercise could they possibly need? (hopefully not famous last words) 

I’m still working on leveling the area for the shed. I’ve worked a couple more hours on it since this picture was taken, but now it will just need to sit for a few weeks. I’ll have one more weekend to polish it off, although it is looking pretty good. 

There’s still a loose bit because it is not hooked up to the electric yet. Yet another thing to do. 

I’d like to take a moment to thank my parents for giving me this electric fence as a gift many years ago. You guys certainly know what I need! You are now welcome to come see your gift in action. I also appreciate how neatly wrapped up it was. 

We only have one more weekend to finish everything before the babies get here. It will be delayed to the last weekend in November due to some exciting plans… we’re headed to Germany! If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram because I’m planning to utilize Instagram stories so everyone can follow along with our trip!  

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