Going Full Blonde

The latest update in my hair sage!

I’ve done it. After struggling with getting the hair color I want, I’ve gone right back to blonde. I went to a highly recommended stylist, and she even took these before and after shots!

blonde hair
From Painted by Niki


Not only did I get blonded, I also got my hair cut fixed…not sure what was going on there in the back, especially since I couldn’t see it. 

Niki also does all sorts of cool hair colors, as seen on her Facebook. If I was younger and/or richer, I’d be all over some of those. I love the silver and charcoal hair! But, alas, it requires a lot of upkeep, and I just don’t have that kind of money/patience. 

Of course my hair looked great leaving the salon, but I’m not good at styling my hair. I just have the one hairstyle, which is just a blow dry, making it straight and kind of fluffy. I tested this out for much of the week. (By tested, I mean, I did my normal routine.)

Exhibit A

I wasn’t really liking it. I was even to the point of thinking I was just going to dye it darker next time I went. I was feeling a bit frustrated, as I really had worked myself up on how great my hair would like blonde. (Just like the old days, *tear*)

But then office picture day came, and I decided to be all fancy, and curl my hair. 

Exhibit B

I am so much happier with my hair like this! Styling it this way makes me want to keep the blonde hair forever and ever! Except… It will have to balance out with how lazy I am. It takes a while to curl my hair, and I have no patience. So, I’m thinking this won’t be a permanent look. 

I have a lot of orange tone in my hair, so it takes a while to make it this blonde. I’m trying to figure out how to embrace the orange, and still have a flattering shade. I am really intrigued by the “rose gold” hair I’ve been seeing, I just don’t know if I could pull it off. I may try it just to experiment… why not live a little?

Unless my work hates it. Then I’d be in trouble… My hair stylist actually told me a story of a client whose hair she dyed blue. Then he went to work, they hated it, and he came back to get it normal color. She got it brown again, and he went back to work, only to be fired anyway. Poor guy…he did find a better job, luckily!

To be continued with the next appointment…let me know if you have any suggestions!

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  1. I think you would look bangin in rose gold! I’m into zero-maintenance hair personally, but every once in a while I curl it to go out and am like “Oh yeah, maybe I should do this for work?” and then wake up five minutes before I need to walk out the door for work and am like “Yah nah.”

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