Pink Hair

pink hair

Well, I did it. Something I would have only thought teenagers capable of pulling off. Something that in my day, only rebellious teenagers did.

I dyed my hair pink.

Although I went the grown-up adult way of doing it, and went to a salon and paid an absurd amount of money for someone else to pink my hair. NO REGRETS!

pink hair
Hair inspiration: Peppermint Jolly Ball

When we last left the saga of my hair, I’d just had it completely blonded. That was fun and all, but I guess I have a short attention span and wanted to see what else I could do. Luckily, I had a winter break from work in which to experiment. Unsure if I will still have a job after I return to work with pink hair. (jk, I’ll probably still have a job… the dress code is quite flexible!)

My stylist choose a dye that will likely wash off really quickly. This was in case I hated it, it would be gone quickly. But, PLOT TWIST, I really like it! For one, it photographs really well and makes my skin look way better than it actually is.


I don’t think she approves of my new hair color

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Naturally, upon spending all that time and money getting it pinked, I have to take advantage of the short time it will be pink, and that someone else styled it for me. My usual style can be summed up with: Lazy. So I took some pictures with my horses. First I tried Stu, who thought I was a huge weirdo.

“Get away from me you crazy lady.”

I think Pony would have taken photos with me though.

The best I managed was to be partially hidden from view.

He looks bizarrely huge to me here. He’s so teeny in person!

Vintage is my expert model, though. I can always count on her for good photos. Eventually, Stu will reach that point, but right now he’s only at fledgling child model stage. (I’m at Pageant Mother stage.)

I will see how the next two weeks will go, as that’s the estimated amount of time this will last. If I love it, I guess I’m going back for the more permanent pink. If I don’t, well, it’ll be gone and I guess I will try something new!

It is fun that this is a trend right now… as my stylist says, even little old ladies are trying the pastel hair colors. There were actually three other women in the salon with pink hair while I was in there. Clearly, this is a trend that I’m actually on time for, instead of being way behind like every other trend. Hurray!

*Update* It lasted one wash, it’s almost totally gone.

I am liking the strawberry blonde though…

I’m just going to buy the spray in color next time.

What colors have you done, or would you try? Does your work limit your choice of hair color? 

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  1. I have red hair so I’m already naturally colourful. I love seeing other people experiment though! The pink looks great!

  2. saw a girl with blue green hair today. Interesting look. Maybe you should look up “oil can” I think that is what its called. Could be oil slick

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