Schloss Hohenbaden

When we last left on off, we were traveling in from France on the way to Baden-Baden, Germany. Our goal was to see the ruins of Schloss Hohenbaden before the sun was gone. This castle was unique from the others we saw because there was no tour, no real restrictions, and was unmanned by any operator. It was just us, the random other people there to look at it, and a few construction people stabilizing the structure. We could have crawled over the side of the towers if we had wanted to.

This place was so incredible, this was me the whole time:

There were just so many pictures to take!

This is what I imagined when I thought of exploring castles in Europe. Literally crumbling walls, missing floors, nothing remaining but the piled stones of an old civilization. Someone had put in some guard railings for safety, but it was incredible to view the castle, walking the halls of people long gone, trying to view it from their eyes.

It’s the old staircase. It’s so incredibly narrow!

A window seat – do you think women once sat in there and gossiped?

I loved loving the fancy palace style castles, but going to this castle really fueled my obsession. I need to see more castles! Luckily, they are basically everywhere in Europe, which I didn’t realize beforehand. I am tentatively planning a trip to just visit castles, but it is very early in development. There’s so many places in Europe that have castles that need to be explored, I’m not quite sure where to start!

We really enjoyed exploring this castle, and looking out over the Black Forest around it, but we had to head on to our final destination in our Germany tour: Baden-Baden. To be continued!

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