The Shed

The biggest delay in bringing home Stu was due to waiting for the shed to arrive. It was originally scheduled for the last week in November, but it kept getting pushed back. I was initially annoyed, but now… not so much. I feel very much like I got my money’s worth, and it’s hard to be mad about that. I now own a monster shed. 

When it was nothing but grass.
Midway through leveling it. I think the hardest step was starting to pull up that beautiful lush grass that hadn’t been touched by an animal in like 9 months. What a waste.

I ordered this shed based on the size I thought would make sense for animals to live in, and hay and tractor to be stored. My current space storage space was 19 by 20, so I thought I’d give myself a little more room and order 24 by 24, based on figuring out what size configuration was cheapest. When it came to height, I considered what I’d always read in my barn planning books – horses need 10 feet of headroom in case they rear. 

Well, I’ve never had a horse rear in my barn, and it’s much lower than that. But regardless, I decided I was doing it right, so I ordered it 10 feet tall. 

Guy, 10 feet is higher than I imagined. And, 10 feet is just the lower part. It’s even higher in the center.

After a few hours of install.


This is as high as I can reach, that’s the left edge in the picture above.

I have a monstrous huge shed. It’s several feet taller than my current barn. Like, what was I thinking? Why did I buy such a HUGE shed? I could have saved some money and bought a shorter shed, and made the footprint bigger to store more things. 

The final product. I could store a full-sized tractor with a cab in there. I’m considering framing out a second floor. 

I don’t know how to express how big this damn thing is. It’s also blindingly snow white, so naturally, it’s all you can see when you look out at the field. I just really thought the white would look nice with blue trim, but now I wish I went with a more natural color to blend into the landscape a little better. Not that my buildings have ever blended in since I live in a freaking blue house. 

Now, with all this bitching, you probably think I regret this purchase, but I do not. I love my gigantic monster of a shed, and now I want another one, granted, not as tall. But, still a white one, and I’m going to paint my house and my barn to match. It shall be glorious!

But, basically, this shed is a game changer. I did not expect to like this shed this much, but now I see why this building style is so popular with horse barns. I’m going to buy another one, shorter, and with windows and a door, and that will be my barn extension for stalls. That seems way faster than going through the trouble of building a wood barn!

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