Fitness Challenge – A Failure to Plan


I officially signed up for my gym’s fitness challenge on Tuesday, January 9th. That means it’s been ongoing for just over two weeks! What have I accomplished? Not nearly as much as I was hoping to, honestly. But I’ll get into that in a minute.

Before the challenge, I decided to stop dieting, and eat anything I wanted. This worked out especially well for Christmas, my holiday, my trip to Florida, and enjoying life in general. It was pretty amazing. My goal actually was to gain some weight with the thought being, if I start at a higher weight, it will be much more dramatic after I lose the weight! Pretty great logic, huh?

Unfortunately, it also made me incredibly uncomfortable. It’s amazing to me that I as I gained fat, I kept bumping into it, and getting increasingly clumsy. Now, it might not be related, and might be just my incredibly clumsy self, but it made it did provide motivation to jump back into my diet after the official start of the challenge.

To kick it off, I was given a free body scan. I’ve never had one done before, but I think it will be interesting to compare it with the mid and final scans. I’m a little embarrassed to post this, but what’s the point of having a blog if I don’t share all the horribly embarrassing moments of my life? 

So here’s my lumpy body. (Granted, some of the lumpiness is the shorts I was wearing. But, that’s also a bit of denial, I am definitely pretty lumpy.)

gold's gym body scan

And now, according to the body scan, my starting measurements:

starting measurements

It was a bit depressing to look at this numbers and realize how quickly I lost all the progress I made over the last 6 months. A lesson in not pre-gaming a fitness challenge again I suppose. 

The scan also told me I was the most average of the averages. So very average. 

It also told me I have 47 lbs of fat. 47 lbs!? Absolutely amazing.

Naturally immediately after the scan I was super motivated. The first week I stuck to my diet religiously, worked out everyday, and I could feel myself slimming down. I even ate a meal off of my diet plan with no ill effects (Shelby was in town, obviously a time to celebrate!). The second week, last week, I forgot to plan for my meals. The biggest problem I’ve found with a diet like Whole 30, both now, and when I did it before, is failing to prepare for all meals means you won’t be able to find a Whole 30 compliant meal. They just don’t exist at restaurants. 

I would go to work, sometimes having my compliant breakfast (my overall favorite meal of the day!), but then lunch would roll around, and I’d be starving with no Whole 30 compliant lunch. There are many restaurants around my office, and they are all a.) expensive and b.) basically pointless to buy because to make them Whole 30 compliant I’d have to remove nearly every ingredient out of them. 

The only meals I can eat without breaking my diet is an expensive salad from Sweet Leaf, or an expensive half of a chicken from our Peruvian restaurant. Both delicious, don’t get me wrong, but expensive. And if there’s one thing I am more obsessed with than being diet obsessed, it is being incredibly frugal. So instead of spending a small fortune staying compliant, I’d end up eating the random scraps of food leftover from the catered meals in my office. Much like a common vulture, I would scavenge for food in the various conference rooms around the office. They were never Whole 30 compliant, because my coworkers enjoy food that has actual taste to it. 

Because of this failure to plan ahead, I have ended up either being exactly the same as when I started, or I have lost nothing since the first week. And that’s a bad sign in a challenge that only runs for 12 weeks. If I fail in this challenge, it will definitely be because of this.

I’m trying to right myself on track again now, but it’s an effort. I went back to the grocery store and stocked up on healthy foods so I will have no excuse. I need to stay on top of having a stock of fruits and vegtables to overcome this. I know I can do it since I did it for months on end last year, it’s just hard to get into the correct habit. All the more reason I shouldn’t have fattened myself up over Christmas, I suppose. 

My next challenge will be trying to vary my exercise routine more. I’ll update next week with how that goes! 

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  1. I know I’m one of those weirdos that actually loves eating Whole 30 but do share any of those recipes that you enjoy. I am so familiar with the fitness struggle – go get it girl and don’t be afraid to share your progress AND regressions!

    1. I actually like it too! It was actually bizarre to me when I took a break over the holidays how loaded up with flavors normal foods are. Like, Whole 30 foods tasted great and flavorful to me, but when I ate “normal” food, it was like an overload of flavor. And then getting away from that overload and back to mild flavor is tough!

  2. You can definitely do this! Hilariously when I started my job I was told when I helped set up big meetings with meals that I needed to fend off the “Grad Students”. Sure enough around lunch time you’d find them stalking the halls looking for something to eat and I’d fight them off with a stick. I used to be so angry eyed wondering why they couldn’t just go eat dining hall food. Then I became a Grad Student and realized that I needed money for life other than food and then I started scavenging the conference rooms. Except I was smarter because I had access to the Master Calendar so I knew which ones had food and I knew to show up 45 mins after the lunch started when no one would be paying attention BWAHAHA. I also brought tupperware and would take free food home.

    1. hahahaha, nice!! It’s actually kind of funny, when I order food, I have to watch it like a hawk to make sure no one is scavenging, but when someone else orders food, I’m waiting for them to let their guard down. The trick here is waiting until the meeting participants have already taken theirs, but leftovers haven’t been announced to the general office yet. Once that announcement goes out there’s a stampede! I should start bringing tupperware though, there’s usually always leftovers!

  3. omg that whole “getting scanned” thing is….. intense. fascinating tho, but still intense. you can totally do this tho. esp having already been so successful in making progress, i’m sure you’ll click right back into the routine. i *hate* that it takes like 18 thousand light years to lose a pound, but then one weekend of pizza and beer packs on like 7 more pounds. it’s totally unfair. sigh. my whole schtick right now is focusing yes on healthy whole foods — but specifically ones i *really* love to eat. surprisingly, brussel sprouts are topping that list so far. go figure. anyway. good luck, you can do this!

    1. It’s so annoying!! Why do our bodies hate us!?

      And OMG brussel sprouts!! This is going to sound crazy, but I just ate them for the first time this past Christmas. I cannot believe how good they are! I always heard terrible things, but they are SO GOOD. I tried to make them at home the other day, and it wasn’t as good. I’m going to try again though!

  4. I’m not good with numbers or diets. I get obsessive and NOT in a productive, healthy way. So I’ve just focused on being a more active version of myself, which has worked really well so far!

    1. That’s great!! It is a bit much to obsess over. I can’t stand thinking about numbers or calculating things. I have no idea what my daily calories intact is, and I don’t want to know, it might upset me haha.

  5. I don’t do whole 30, but I do find that planning my meals makes it so much easier for me to eat properly during the week. Otherwise I’m like “I guess it’s quick cheesy pasta again tonight!!” all week long, which is really not all that healthy.

    1. It’s so helpful! It’s healthier, and so much cheaper! Granted, pasta and ramen are pretty cheap too… but I try not to think of it like that, haha

  6. I do the EXACT same thing re bumping into things when I gain weight. It makes me so uncomfortable on multiple different levels. Hang in there! You’ll do great I’m sure 🙂

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