YI Lite Action Camera Review – Alternative to GoPro

I love helmet cam footage. My current favorite to watch are hunter paces. There’s great scenery, the horse is going fast, but not fast enough to fall like in fox hunting (usually anyway.) There should be more helmet cam footage out there! I need more to watch! Therefore, I am encouraging everyone to go buy a helmet cam, if they don’t have one already. If you don’t, well, I am recommending my helmet cam, because I love it, and it’s amazing. 

YI Lite Action Camera

Purchased on sale for $79. It’s now $99, but it’s still cheaper than a Go-Pro!

I am really happy with the quality of it. It can go up to 4k video, which I can’t even process on my computer so I haven’t used, and the audio is really clear and crisp. When I used it, I did get some wind noise, but I think that’s hard to avoid completely on any camera. There’s a couple of different video modes including slow motion and time lapse. I haven’t played with them very much, but I will be in the future! 

In addition to multiple video modes, it also has a camera mode. I’m not super impressed with the picture quality, but my normal camera is an DSLR, and I’m picky. But for just snapping a photo on the go, it works great. 


photo from YI Lite Action Camera
Photo quality. Look at the fine details of muddy Berry.

There are a few settings you can change for the photos. You can change the white balance, the ISO, the metering mode, shutter, EV, and resolution. You can also change the fish eye distortion on or off.  

The standard fish eye view
“Distorted” option – make the image look normal.

The company makes an app so the camera can be connected to your phone. Once paired, there’s a live view tracker, and all the settings can be changed through the app. I had fun playing with it. 

It does not come with a case or holder though, so those need to be purchased separately. The first head mount I purchased was both broken and did not have the correct mount to hold it. I ended up purchasing a Velcro elastic head mount that just goes on your head/helmet like a hat. It’s compatible with most Go-Pro accessories, and I did see there’s a chest mount, so I may purchase that next. 

To see the video quality, check out the video below. It was filmed entirely with the camera. 

Overall, I really love this little camera. I plan to carry it around with me almost everywhere since it’s so portable. I can’t vouch for the durability of it yet, but there is a 1 year warranty on it. I think it’s likely to go on sale again, so if you want a better bargain, stick it on your wish list and track it. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting videos made from this camera! 

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  1. ooooh sweet! i have a ContourROAM helmet cam that has been so so so fun and easy to use for me, tho it’s a bit bigger than what you’ve got here and doesn’t really have any settings to be adjusted. the live sync to the phone sounds like a great feature tho. i’ve got a pretty good sense now of the field of vision from it, but it’s always nice to get that immediate verification before we start filming!

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