2018 Spring Gold Cup

Springtime is Virginia Gold Cup time! One of the best excuses to day drink, ever! 

Gold Cup attracts about 100,000 people from the DC area to our little area of Virginia. We joked on the way over there that for some of the people who come, this is likely the only time they leave the metro area to come to the country. And – not at all joking – when we first arrived, we overheard someone talking to their friend: “The thing about Gold Cup is – there are horses.” Apparently this wasn’t well known.  

Flashin’ my $16 betting money.

We started out on our usual spot along the North rail, and after a bit, we took a hike to the South rail to visit a horse trainer’s tent. She had a delicious spread set out, so it was worth the pain to my feet that resulting in taking a hike in heels. Also, never again am I wearing heels to Gold Cup, it’s a terrible idea. 

Best dressed baby, woman or vegetable.

It was threatening to rain, but luckily we only got a drizzle, light and short lived. So unlike last year. Instead of making everything a muddy mess, it just cooled us off, and kept the sunburn away. And we only saw one horse without a jockey, so I think the horses had great turf to run on, too!

Our North rail jump view
A puff on a borrowed cigar
A local hunt is ready to catch any loose horses.

I’m still working on Dave letting me dress him, but I’ve got a great feeling about fall Gold Cup! Technically, he did allow me to select his shirt, but it didn’t fit him, and then I was demoted from my role of stylist. Ah well…

I really love that the Great Meadow Foundation is having more events here. There will be a big eventing show here mid summer, and I think there’s letting some more local level events happen. I really really hope this becomes an active show venue for both watching, and showing myself. They also host a trail ride, and as soon as I work out my trailer troubles with Berry (still no resolution, ugh), I will be looking into that. 

Anyway, it was a good time!

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  1. oh man, so fun! i was thinkin about you guys this weekend and remembering how awesome last year was lol. hope you stayed more dry this year tho!

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