Flint GSF

We visited one of our favorite places – Greenstone Farm! Where’s Stu’s little life came into being! They already have a bunch of foals, and then they have sweet little yearlings that I remember from last year as foals, and of course, the big guys, Stu’s sire, and Ollie’s sire.

Here is Stu’s sire, the gorgeous Flint GSF.

Sniff greetings

He was happy to hang out with us, and even happier when his owner expanded his fence a little bit to get some fresh grass. 

He’s just so handsome! Seeing him makes me excited for Stu. I feel like Stu can’t have the same presence since he’s not a stallion, but it’s fun to think about how close he might get. And there’s still that goofy personality – Flint showed us a plant he was carrying around, very proud of himself. 

After we left, he did get a bit sassy, but he’s a polite sassy. He’s very aware of his people. And despite what non-horse people think, horses rarely frolic, but I love watching it when it does happen!

It seems that Stu has a full brother that I was not aware of – Meet Bullwinkle, the 2 year old version of Stu!

“Hello my friends”

Bullwinkle is a rabicano which is why he has all the white all over him. Apparently Alala, Stu’s dam, carries this gene but Stu did not get it. It sure would have been cute for little Stu to be roaning! 

Here we are together – I was going for the homeless person chic look.

He’s pretty big, which gives me hope about Stu. Stu seems like a midget, but after visiting with the other yearlings at the breeding farm, it turns out he’s pretty normal. It’s just that he hangs out with freakishly big Ollie, which makes him seem small. There was another yearling that was Ollie’s size there, but it seems like most of them are in the Stu range. 

There are a bunch of Flint babies, but unfortunately I’m not very good at remembering which ones are which. I think the first crop of babies are now under saddle and showing, and I now I want to checkup on them and see what they are up to. 

I have so many more horses to share and squeal over, but that will be the next post!

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  1. Hi, I came across this post and these sweet pictures of my baby Fine Tuned GSF and his Poppa Flint GSF. These are adorable. I wish I could attach a picture of him now…he’s huge…17.1 now!

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