The Gender Reveal

Big news in our world! The baby is in the factory, continuing to get bigger and stronger, but to double check on that, I had my anatomy scan to ensure all the parts were there. After all, we don’t want any surprises

The anatomy scan is typically done right around the 20 week mark. They check all the vital organs to ensure everything looks like it’s developing correctly, and as a natural side effect of all that poking around, you learn whether it’s a girl or a boy. 

My first child was a boy… the CUTEST LITTLE BOY EVER!

I had my anatomy scan right around 20 weeks, which was almost four weeks ago. But I had to go to the doctor again for another ultrasound, so it seems right to post this now. Baby was being very uncooperative the first time around, and wouldn’t flip over so they could get pictures of the heart.

I didn’t get any pictures of the main attraction (the baby), which was unfortunate. All the ultrasound pictures I have are of things like the kidneys, various limbs, and the brain. But overall, my baby looks like a reptile right now. The way it was sitting, all curled over, and it just looked like it had way too many ribs. Definitely a human baby though, just currently in the reptilian stage.

We wanted to share the gender reveal with my parents. I’ve seen that some people think that gender reveals are annoying, although really I’m not sure why people are against them. I think they are fine, although not in a blow-up something in the desert and start a wildfire kind of way. More of a “Good excuse to gather with family” way. Why not do a little something to celebrate life? 

It was a very simple plan. We got the sealed envelope with the reveal from the ultrasound technician and took it to the bakery. The bakery made a cake with colored frosting on the inside. Super simple.

We cut the cake and….

It’s a girl! (Although definitely a very subtle girl… it was very light pink)

I had been hoping for a girl, so I’m very happy with this. Of course, my first concern is if baby is healthy, and so far everything indicates that she is! 

During my recent follow-up ultrasound, I got to see baby again, except this time the technician threw in a little bonus. She took 3D images of her little face. On the machine, I could see everything in color, and she rotated around a bit. It was really cool to see her face! The printed images weren’t as fun, but it’s still really neat to see what she looks like. 

I personally prefer the above side view, where I think she just looks so darling, and also like an actual baby. But I also have the monstrous front view, where I believe she is channeling her lizard tendencies. 

I had to ask why she looks so bizarre, and apparently, it’s just because the umbilical cord was in the way, and she couldn’t get a picture without it. So she doesn’t have additional growths on her face, she’s probably mostly normal.

Seeing her face definitely made it feel real in a way it hadn’t before. I’ll need to start moving on getting her room ready, and getting the whole house ready for her arrival. I’m hoping the next few months will fly by! 

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