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Do you have enough horse events to fill up your year? Probably not, you could always fit more in. I gathered the best horse events in Northern Virginia that I’m hoping to attend. Check out the list below. Which one(s) are you attending?

Warrenton Pony Show | June 26 – 30, Warrenton Horse Show Grounds, Warrenton VA

Is there anything cuter than kids on ponies? I don’t think there is! I love ponies and I can’t wait until Bridgette is riding here!

Twilight Jumpers | Friday, July 19th, Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

There are a few of these going through summer. I haven’t attended in the past, but it’s held at the same location as Great Meadow polo, in the intimate natural amphitheater setting. Plan to bring a picnic, arrive early to get a good spot on the hill and watch the local jumpers compete.

The Piper Cup | Saturday, August 4th, Banbury Polo, Middleburg VA

I attended this last year with the family and it was so fun! Family friendly, with games to wear the kids out, and a champagne pour for adults. Bonus – not only did they provide tent for us tailgaters, the polo ponies were right next to us, riding from the trailers onto the field in between tailgaters. 

Great Meadow International | August 22 – 25, Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

horse jumping

I attended a few years ago, watching all three phases, and had the misfortune to forget the battery for my camera during cross country. A mistake I will not make again. It’s fun to walk around this venue as it hosts so many other events attend, and at those events, it is not encouraged to walk around. The venue is beautiful Virginia countryside, and there’s a huge vendor and food section. Plan for lots of walking (and probably bug spray, the grass can be long.)

Warrenton Horse Show | August 28 – September 1. Warrenton Horse Show Grounds, Warrenton, VA

The bigger version! I am personally looking forward to hunt night. After attending a normal day, I saw a video of hunt night on Facebook. I can’t believe I missed it! I’m definitely going to see it this year!

An Evening with George Morris | Saturday, September 14, National Sporting Library and Museum, Middleburg, VA

I am not good enough to clinic with him, but it’d be very interesting to hear what he has to say! He did this a few times last year, but it seems like he’s winding down his schedule, and I only see it once this year. I want to check it out, just in case it’s the last time and hear his thoughts.

2019 Polo Classic | Sunday, September 15, Great Meadow, The Plains, VA

I had tickets to this last year, but it rained out. I’m not springing for tailgating this time, but the general area still sounds nice! It also looks family friendly, which is important when I’m trying to go to events with Bridgette in tow. 

Mid-Atlantic Hanoverian Inspection | Saturday, September 21 – 22, Morven Park, Leesburg, VA

I’m a fan of horse inspections. I find them so educational, and naturally, there’s so many beautiful horses to look at! I think there are probably some closer ones than Germany, so I’ll be looking for ones in America to attend. I’m not sure what to expect for this, but they say it’s spectator friendly! I can’t wait!

Morven Park Fall Horse Trials, USEA Area 2 Championships & CCI2*S, 3*S & 4*S* | Saturday, October 4, Morven Park, Leesburg VA

I love the Morven Park facility, but I’ve never watched an event there, only competed there myself. Seems like a waste when such a fantastic facility is so close to me. I’ll be checking this one out this year. 

Fall Gold Cup | Saturday, October 26 | Great Meadow, The Plains

Much like spring gold cup, but in the fall. It’s a great excuse to tailgate and watch horses run and jump. This is very weather dependent for me. I’m not going to go if it’s too cold, or too rainy, as I need to protect little Bridgette (as well as being a sensitive flower myself). But otherwise, bring on the mulled wine and cute fall outfits!


If there’s an event nearby that I missed, please tell me about it below!

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