Video -Getting a Hay Delivery

round bales

Getting more hay is one of my favorite times. Hay is so precious to me, and I have a fear of it running out.

I used to have to drive 30 minutes each way to get a single bale, but luckily those days are long gone, and I have my favorite hay guy who delivers to me. Right now I’m getting round bales and just putting them out in the field. We started doing this towards the end of my pregnancy when it was getting harder for me to move around, bend over, and then one time I got stuck in a gate opening. Putting out the individual piles is just too much for an enormous pregnant lady.

We kept doing it because firstly, I was still recovering from the c-section, it makes it easier to care for baby because I’m not out at the barn so long, and the grass grows better when they aren’t constantly mowing it down. 

We do still have a stash of hay in the shed, but that’s now emergency hay. Every time we get close to running out (sometimes really close, ek!), I text my hay guy, and he fits me in for a hay delivery. I really appreciate what he does. I know he’s a really busy farmer so he often comes very early or very late to fit in the delivery, and he keeps a stash of round bales at his farm just for me. 

I made this video because I have long admired his specialty truck, and before seeing it, I didn’t even know these things existed. I wanted to share it around, in case you hadn’t seen it either!

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