Getting Busy

One of the best feelings in the world? Acomplishment. Getting things done. Feeling like the time was well spent. That’s how the weekend felt for me. 

It’s hard for me to get things done outside because I’m frequently watching the baby. My husband works from home, and his job has no set hours, so he could be working at midnight, or at 6am, or any other random time, and potentially on a moments notice. As we have learned, it is not really possible to watch a baby and work at the same time. Which means that I need to be mostly available to grab baby if he has to work. Which means going outside, rolling around in the dirt and getting all grubby make me extremely unavailable, because I’m not going to touch the baby if I’m covered in dirt. Just to empasize, which I go outside to work, it literally looks like I was rolling around in it.

I’m thinking of getting a babysitter while I go roll around in the dirt, but really getting work done vs. baby isn’t where I was going with this post. I was actually going in this direction:

I got stuff done!


This is an exciting day for me, and therefore, the world. 

Firstly, I finished putting in all my posts around my barn. I had to dig through gravel and rock to do it, but it is done. I have my neat little row of posts, and the horses think they are great fun to scratch on. I will have to figure out a different solution for the boards, though. I was going to use boards that were on a fence we took down, but many of them are rotted, and they also seem to be cut oddly short. It does not seem like they will work. But that’s okay, I can improvise.  

Next, I started working with Stu on his groundwork. After every time I feed him, I take him out and we are little manners and leading sessions.

The first time I took him out was slightly intimidating as he’s a big guy now, but it turns out he remembers everything he learned before. He’s like a little sponge.

I’m still wary of him, as I distinctly remember getting nailed by those hind feet, and now he’s giant sized. While I’m no scientist, I think I can correctly predict it would hurt more and leave a bigger bruise if it happens again. And he demonstrated his kicked ability one morning by getting excited by the wheelbarrow and running around, so I’m very aware of his skills. 

I wish I had a roundpen to work him in but that is just not possible financially. I’ll make do with what I have, and see how it goes!

Finally, I’ve been cleaning up the barn area. I mowed a bit more, and moved some dirt piles. I cleaned out an entire truck bed of trash out of the barn itself, and got to work doing a major scrub of the actual barn. When your barn is in your backyard and no one sees it or really goes into it (and especially when it’s not easy to drive a car up to it) it’s really easy for trash (feedbags, hay nets, water bottles) to accumulate. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is. I got all that junk out, and it is gone. 

The horses are also out in the pasture nearly all the time except feeding, so I hadn’t cleaned out the stalls in forever. Well, no longer! I cleaned those suckers out, and they are fit for use again. 

Overall, a fulfilling weekend of getting stuff done! The best part is that seeing what I’ve accomplished motivates me for the next time. How much can I get done then? Only time will tell!

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