5 Month Old Baby

She’s five months already!? How is this possible!? 

She doesn’t even seem like a baby anymore, just a small person. It may seem weird to describe her like that, as she clearly still looks like a baby, but she has become so big, and she seems so intelligent. I’m sure every parent says their baby is so smart, and really, they are probably right. I think I had an expectation of babies being more like potatoes, and it turns out, they seem very thoughtful. Not so much that they don’t shove gross crap in their mouth, but we like to describe her actions as “she’s doing x like people!”

She talks like people (granted, it sounds like a language she invented), makes expressions like people (my favorite is when she’s confused by something and furrows her little brow), and just wants to have fun. Her awake time is mostly spent playing. She loves playing with people most, but she’ll also play with her toys. Her favorite currently is a filmsy bunch of crackly paper and a spatula we found.

After playing, her favorite thing is bathtime, which could be considered a variation of playing. She loves to splash and tries to grab the water. 

Dave is by far her favorite person. She hears his voice, and will stop whatever she’s doing to look for him. She gets very excited when he enters the room. They are the best kind of buddies, and he makes her laugh. Sometimes she sees him and laughs without him even doing anything, perhaps her little baby memory remembering something he did.

That’s not to say she isn’t fond of me, but they clearly have something special going on. I’m okay with that, it’s so adorable to see them together. 

It might be a coinicidence, but when I say “Daddy,” she gets excited. She can’t say words yet, but maybe she can understand words? She is a big talker, frequently telling us things in her made up language.  They are noises so close to being words, but just not there yet. 

She loves the pool now. I think the time I took her in before and she screamed her head off was because the water wasn’t at an ideal temperature. Now that she’s been swimming while it’s hot, she loves it. She kicks and splashes and doesn’t want to come out. She makes sad faces when she gets taken out (left). 

She has hit a major milestone of being able to completely roll herself over. It’s a little awkward to watch her do it, as her arm gets trapped under her own body, but she nearly always manages to pull it out. She now rolls over nearly everytime she is laying down, which for a baby, is quite a lot. She rolls over, and then she cries because she doesn’t know what to do next. It’s also not easy for them to hold themselves on their tummies so she ends up breathing hard and her heart is racing.

It feels like we are constantly having to roll her back over to soothe her, and try to get her to catch her breath. She isn’t a quiter though, amd as soon as we roll her over, she’s rolling back. It’s a bit exhausting, and another example of those times I don’t understand baby logic. She really does need to get used to be on her tummy though, so I just hope it’s less stressful on her than it looks.

The worst is at bedtime. She’s laid down, tummy full, burped, in her sleep sack, and then it’s time for the roll-over Olympics. She can’t roll back over yet, and she’s not going to fall asleep on her tummy, so this means a nightly battle to prevent her from rolling over. She is not pleased with this, and screams at me the whole time. 

We used to set her down in her crib, walk away, and she’d fall asleep on her own. But twice now she has rolled over and been stuck facedown in the mattress. Luckily both times we’ve noticed very quickly and righted her, but it’s terrifying to think she could get stuck and suffocate. 

I believe this is a fairly short phase though, as she will gain the strength to push herself back over, and figure out she needs to turn her head as to not suffocate in the mattress. I read that babies figure it out, but that doesn’t stop us from checking on her every few minutes during naptime, and being a bit paranoid to go to sleep at night for fear it’ll happen while we are asleep. I think we’re on the tail end of this already though – this morning I found her completely turned the opposite way with her head now positioned at the foot of the crib. She’s certainly figuring out how to move around.

Her personality is showing more and more, and so far, she’s a little comedian. Nearly everything is funny, and she wants to make us laugh. She’ll do something, and then look to us to see if we are laughing at it, which most of the time, we are. Because she is a funny little girl. 

It’s fun to see her change so quickly, and it’s fun to see her grow up. I just keep getting more and more excited for what she’s going to be, while still loving her little babyisms. I really want her to talk to us, but I think that’s still a long way out. Fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later! 

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