6 Month Old Baby

She’s become so big now! She weighs so much, and she seems to take up my entire torso when I carry her around. Man, they get big fast!

So, here’s what she’s up to as a 6 month old:

She practices her vocals a lot. Screeching is her current favorite. Sometimes it’s one startling screech out of no where, other times, she’s singing a whole song full of screeches. It’s funny how I used to wish parents wouldn’t let their kids do this, but now that I have a kid a.) I can’t control it at all and b.) it’s adorable!

She’s desperate to crawl, but doesn’t quite have the mechanics down. She can shuffle forward if we use our hands to brace her feet, but then she’ll faceplant. The arms and legs are not working in coordination yet.

She’s just so happy! Her screeches are happy, she’s always smiling, and she wants to make us laugh. If we laugh at something, she instantly stops what she’s doing and stares intensely at us. Then she quickly does it again to make us laugh. 

But, she does not want to be happy for “strangers.” That would be anyone she doesn’t see nearly everyday. She’s suspicious of basically everyone and will not smile or look happy at all. If they try to hold her, she starts screaming, and not in a happy screech way. She screws up her face and bawls. 

She loves talking to people. She’ll happily sit and talk to us, adding in her own insight in the form of little coo’s and squeals. She loves playing with her toys, and everything gets tested by being put in her mouth, including books. Sometimes every page of the same book must be tested. 

She’s still not sitting up on her own, but she will “tripod,” and put her little arms in front of her between her legs for balance. She’s usually not able to stay like that for long though, and starts slowly falling over. Sometimes she’ll be sitting in our laps and just fling herself back, and try to slither out on to the floor. She’s a slippery little thing. 

It’s fun to see her develop and go through her phases. Sometimes it’s a bit bittersweet because something she’s doing today she might never do again. The phases don’t always last long at all, so if she’s doing something cute we try to get it on video immediately. 

But she does seem to be retaining the happy and the funny, so that’s a good sign!

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