The Bold Art of Terri Crowley

Terri Crowley is a different kind of artist, embracing technology to create one-of-a-kind paintings. By using a combination of digital and traditional tools she creates a one-of-a-kind original art piece. She begins with a pen and a tablet, painting on a digital canvas. When the digital work is completed, it is printed out on a museum quality canvas. She finishes by painting on top with acrylic.

“The Awakening.” This piece was done at a time Terri was going through a phase of personal transformation. The horse rearing and the woman’s arms are a symbol of bravery and of opening up, showing the world that nothing can stop them. 

Terri is a self-taught artist, influenced by studying and working with other artists. Her own style has gone through an evolution. She first began creating works in pencil,  purposely not using color to allow the viewer to imagine what the colors would be. Then she moved into watercolor and acrylics. Watercolor allowed her the opportunity to create a dreamy look, but acrylics led her in the direction she is working now: bright and bold color. She is drawn to movement, and often visualizes her subjects in bold color.

“Mane Gone Wild,” being created. This piece is Terri’s current favorite. She was captivated by the spirit and movement of this horse, and the process of creating the piece was all-consuming. She describes the process as cathartic, deeply enjoyable, and an almost spiritual experience. 

Every piece Terri works on evokes a certain feeling. Her western-style pieces, done with deep, rich and earthy colors, have provided a feeling of being grounded and calm.  Similarly, her piece “Majesty,” of a lion, provided a calming effect through the orange/brown quality of the light. She was also drawn to the symbolism of the lion: strength and perservance. 

Terri’s pieces can make excellent gifts. Customers have told her that they loved receiving a commission piece as a surprise gift, but prints can also be purchased in the online shop for affordable and quick last minute giving. 

Terri still has her old horse Luke who she used to compete in hunter/jumper. While she still rides some, she mostly enjoys just spending time with him. Terri describes him as a “real character.” He is in his 20’s and still occassionally jumps out of his paddock. (just like my Vintage!)

To see more of Terri’s work or to purchase a print, please check out her website, She can also be reached by email at

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