Weekly Round-Up Sept 13

Someone has a new camera…. I can’t take the suspense, it’s me! Dave got me a new camera. I immediately played with the creative settings, and they were fun, if kind of weird. The sky picture above is some kind of HDR setting. Poffins and the field below are miniaturized.

I’m excited to try it out this weekend. It will be the highlight of me weekend, except for the first item below. 

But anyway, on to the week!

10 Year Anniversary

Wow, we’ve been married 10 WHOLE YEARS!! No half years in there! 

There’s been ups, there’s been downs, but mostly it’s been great. If someone were to ask me for advice (which everyone should, why aren’t more people doing this), I’d say the key to marriage is to marry someone who makes life better. Who you look forward to seeing every day. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone who you have fun with. Someone who wants to be on a lifelong adventure with you. 

Also – love is not hard. Love is easy, love is simple, and love is a team. If it feels “complicated,” it’s probably not a relationship someone should stay in. Having been in that sort of relationship myself, and seen so many others in the same type, just cut the guy loose. It’s not worth the tears or aggravation. If someone is stuck in a relationship that isn’t working for whatever reason, it closes them off to meeting someone new who could be the right person. Basically, if you’re off the market for someone who sucks, you’re not going to meet someone who could be the perfect someone. 

Please let me know if you would like me to provide further advice, I love giving advice. It’s always easier being the one giving advice than the one taking it 😉 But let’s move on to…

Fun facts about Dave and I!

  • We meet when I was 17. I met him through my brother, he was friends with him. Although interested, it didn’t work out at the time, and we didn’t start dating until 5 years later. 
  • Dave and I weren’t doing well with the wedding planning, so we just picked a day randomly to get married. We got a marriage license, went to a justice of the peace’s house, and he married us. Afterward, we went to the mall and ate Asian food. Five years later, we had a vow renewal and had the actual wedding part, and I frequently refer to that day as “my wedding.” We were debating have another vow renewal this year, as I just love fancy parties, but it seemed a little over the top. Maybe at 20 years. 
  • We lived in a condo for many years. Now it seems like it was only a tiny moment, but it was approximately 5 years. Then we took a huge leap and moved to the country. Dave, a total city boy, was unseasy, but willing to make the move for me, and I’ll forever be grateful for him for it. 
  • One night, he was working on something so I painted a portrait of him. Definitely recommend, it came out absurd, we had a good laugh, and I love showing it to guests. Someone once said it looks like Vincent van Gogh’s self portrait, and while that’s probably a bit of a stretch, I’m pretty pleased with that comparison.

In conclusion, Dave is my best friend and love of my life, and he’ll be embarrased I wrote this.

Nothing Like Video to Highlight All Flaws

Now that I’ve started putting up videos on YouTube, I actually see what I look like, all flaws highlighted in high definition. Dang, I had no idea I looked so bad. 

But let’s be clear – no one needs to tell me this one, I’m well aware.

Most prominant is my terrible skin. I will admit I have seriously neglected skin care. When I was pregnant I was so scared of miscarriage I switched to an all natural, do nothing face cream and became seriously lazy about even using that. 

Well, no longer! I did some research, selected new retinol face cream, and I’m using my toner again. I will no longer be lazy about taking care of it. Hopefully I’ll be seeing an improvement soon. 

My other prominant flaw is my horrid flappy arms. I have lost a significant amount of weight since having B, and not been consistant about going to the gym, leading to my terrible arms. I’m going to try to be more consistant at the gym and see if I can do something about it but I’m less hopeful here. I’m going to give it my best shot though, not quite ready to give up and assume I’m stuck with them yet!


I don’t mention my little doggies nearly as often as I should. They were my number 1 babies, until the actual baby showed up. Sadly, I don’t give them as much time anymore. I still love them though, and one of them, Paxton, has been great with the baby. She pets him too hard, and kicks him on accident, and he sits there and takes it (before anyone worries, she does not have the ability to hurt him in any way, and he is always able to move away from her. He chooses to sit by her, and get occassionally wacked. Sometimes he sleeps in her room with her, laying by the crib. He is truly a perfect dog.)

But the other one, Poffins, has not taken to the baby. About 4 weeks in from baby’s arrival, she seemed to realize baby wasn’t leaving. And it infuriated her. She hovers around the baby, but not in love. She’s looking for her opportunity. To do what, is not really clear, she’s a tiny elderly dog, losing her teeth, and not capable of anything, but she is ready just the same. Sometimes she lunges to lick the baby. When we pick up the baby, she goes on full alert, as though we are about to drop her a piece of baby. 

She’s clearly very jealous of my attention on the baby. I’ve always been her person, and this is a dynamic she is not happy with. I actually feel very bad for her, as her entire world has turned upside down. Hopefully she’ll adapt, leave the baby alone, and we can all live happily ever after. 

I really hate how round bales leave that gross circle. It looks like the earth has been burned, but get down there, and it’s the exact opposite. It’s like manure quicksand.

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  1. Do those manure quicksand checked grow back better than before? Because my friend did a study of cattle bomas* in Kenya and they really help the grass perk up, even if they are gross immediately after the cows depart.

    *A boma is a small round pen that the cows are contained in at night to protect them from predators.

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