Weekly Round-Up | Sept 6, 2019

Did I ever mention I love wild turkeys? Not to eat or to hunt, but just to look at. I did not have any affection for turkeys before I moved out here, but now ever time I see them I stop dead to stare at them. Seeing them is like seeing a beautiful sunrise on a glorious beach that suddenly appeared in my yard. Or what I’m imagining that is like, because I’m pretty sure that will never happen. Every time they visit me I feel like I’ve been blessed, and I will have the most amazing day. I can never be sad when I see the turkeys. That’s how much I love wild turkeys.

But, moving on. 

Why am I so Bad at Filming? 

I posted a vlog this week, and I can’t help but notice that I seem to have the world’s shakest hands. I had posted a video from Great Meadow, where I also had shakey hands, but I thought it was just from my heavy, unyieldy camera. Turns out it happens with a completely different camera. It’s not the camera, it’s me. What on earth is going on with me!? Is this normal lack of skill, or do I have some undiagnosed spasm disorder? I’m going to work on it, hopefully next time will be way less shakey. Please bare with me during this difficult time.

The To-Do List

Having a baby means I get much less free time, and it means I’ve realized how important every minute I get is. I don’t think I’ve ever been so motivated to clean my house, mainly because I don’t get the luxury of doing it whenever I feel like it, it’s “Do it right now, or it’s not going to be done.” It’s not bad, just changed my thinking of how to manage my time. Additionally, that means figuring out what makes the most sense to spend my free time on. I have a whole list of things I need to do, for the barn, for the yard, for the house. What needs to be tackled first?

Mostly due to baby, a lot of house tasks need to be done first. She’s not mobile yet, but it’s only a matter of time, and the house is not baby proof. We need to move everything out of baby’s reach/way. We’ve been spending a lot of time getting rid of stuff we accumulated. I have grown to hate clutter. It’s too easy to think I need something, and then, surprise, surprise, I don’t at all. I would love to have one of those minimalist homes. They look so clean, and easy to clean. That’s what I want. No more nick-nacks, no more random papers, NOTHING. Emptiness mixed with neat organization. It will be blissful. The thought of this heaven drives my free moments into cleaning.

The Lonely Pony

I now own the saddest pony ever. He used to be the defender of the herd, but now he is an outcast. The other three hang out together all day long, and he is by himself. My heart breaks for him. 

I think his loneliness is self-imposed. He just doesn’t like Stu, and since Stu hangs out with the mares, he doesn’t want to hang out with any of them. Vindictive little guy.

To me though, he is very needy. He follows me around, wants all the pets, and likes to stand with me. I feel like a jerk when I leave the pasture, looking bad at his mournful little face. 

But seriously, Pony, I see you hang out with them on occasion, I know they aren’t mean to you, why are you doing this to yourself?


Hopefully he will decide he likes Stu, and then I won’t feel bad when I see him alone. Or maybe I can use this in my favor, and force him to befriend Bridgette. 

Cheers to another weekend, hopefully filled with relaxation or productivity, depending on what you’re looking for. 

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