The Baby Loves Horses

I continue to try to combine the baby and the horses. One day I’m going to get this to work. I bundled up Bridgette, and took her outside once again. This time she understands more of what’s going on, and I’m pretty sure she remembers the horses. She was pretty happy to see them.

“Hello, horses!!”

She was happy the whole time. She thought they were really funny. Everytime they moved, either walking or just moving their heads, brought on peals of laughter. 

All the horses came over to the fence, but they had varying levels of interest. Vintage was the supervisor, not really interested, but had to keep an eye on everything. Pony was intitally uneasy, but as the meeting went on, became distainful. He still hung out, but he just put a sour look on his face and stayed back.

She loves to stare at them.

Berry and Stu were both very interested. Stu was trying to figure out if he could play with her, and Berry’s interest seemed motherly. She was very gentle and slow moving, examining Bridgette carefully, where as Stu was getting excited and trying to figure out how to get closer. Obviously I didn’t let him get closer. I actually want my baby to survive to another day.

Her favorite part was when I let her get close to the horses. She’s not afraid of them at all, and wanted to kick out her little legs towards them. 

Berry also decided Stu was too much and sent him away. She wanted alone time with the baby. 

I was planning to keep walking around the neighborhood, but when I moved away from the pasture, Bridgette started complaining and looking at the horses. She clearly wanted to go back, so I gave in, and we watched the horses for a while more, while they watched us. Creeps.

She just wanted to keep looking at the horses.
This is just because she’s cute.

So far mixing the baby with the horses is going well. I think once she learns to walk it’ll be far easier to take her down to the barn. Right now I have to bring a stroller and she gets unhappy if I have to leave her somewhere to take care of something (talking about a 3 minute task, not abandoning her for like a half hour). She seems to understand some things I tell her, so I think she should be understanding how to be safe around the horses. I’m sure I’ll be overly cautious still though.

And then – the pony rides will begin!

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  1. When she starts walking you will want to keep her in the stroller. Babies have a way of disappearing quickly. Also, maybe some mittens for her little hands? I know, I’m just being a mom…..

    1. Yes, you are. She had mittens but she pulled them off. Also, it wasn’t that cold outside. I may consider strapping her someplace safe.

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