Weekly Brief – March 13, 2020

This isn’t a current events blog, so I don’t usually bring up current events. But with everything going on, I decided I will bring it up. 


It’s scary out there. A virus which we still don’t know much about is spreading like wildfire, and we can’t contain it. 

This feels like a zombie outbreak movie happening in real life. Stores are running out of toliet paper, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products. I see posts on facebook begging to know where these things can be found. Schools have all closed in my area. It’s a strange thing to be witnessing. I don’t remember any of this for swine flu or SARS, but maybe I was just living in a bubble at the time. 

Depending on what you read, it could all be fine, or we are all going to get it

Or, the fear of it is worse than actually getting it

I’m not a scientist or a doctor so I can’t make any predictions on what’s going to happen, merely speculate. My main concern is to try to protect the vunerable populations. So while I, a relatively healthy person who probably wouldn’t have anything terrible happen, would be fine, I could end up being the carrier that brings it to someone who wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

So what can we do? Follow CDC guidelines. It basically amounts to wash your hands, and do it a lot. With the baby around, I already washed my hands a lot. I also live in the country and work from home so I’m not really near anyone. Obviously it’s a little late for other people to change their entire living situations though, althought hopefully companies are allowing a lot of telework right now.

I’m really hoping that the end of normal flu season will be the end of this virus. I keep seeing false information spread that the virus hates the warmth, but the data isn’t there yet to prove that. I am hoping that it does though. The warmer months would be able to slow it down.

In the meantime, my thoughts are with everyone effected, and I hope you’re all safe. Follow the guidelines, and live smart, while still staying calm, and trying to live your life. 

Luckily for us horse people, we can justify more time at the barn. Fresh air, horses, and people staying 6 or more feet away? Sounds like heaven! 

Keep an eye on what horse events are closing. Chronicle of the Horse has a list, as well as keeping tabs on international competitions

After this is all over, it will be interesting to see what processes will be put in place to stop this next time. At the very least, I hope this will allow companies to change their mindset on telework. I have a personal pet peeve that so many companies do not allow telework simply due to optics. I hope that companies will see that allowing people to telework could cut down on disease transmission, pollution and traffic, (did you see the pollution change in China?? Unbelievable!!) and still allow people to be productive. 

Ending this on a personal note, I cancelled Bridgette’s first birthday party. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but it felt painful to cancel my baby’s very first birthday party. She only has the one first birthday party – I’m not a birthday party person, but this was supposed to be the big one. We had catering, decorations, and a venue booked. She even had an adorable little party dress. But in the interest of protecting the vunerable, I don’t want to be the host of any gatherings. I sadly cancelled everything. My friend suggested a “Half Birthday” celebration when this is over, which is a  pretty cute idea. Hopefully this will all be over in 6 months, and we can try it again!

Stay safe everyone. Hopefully this will be contained soon and life will go on as usual.

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