Weekly Brief – March 6, 2020

The Dressage Chronicles

If you’re in the mood for a light read about believable characters in the dressage world, you need to read this book. I got it several years ago, and have read it multiple times. I’m working on another rereading as something light before I figure out what I want to read next.

It’s about young woman who begans working for a dressage trainer as a working student. She brings her horse to Florida, and meets a colorful cast of characters, from the wealthy patron of the barn, to polo players. They are exaggerated a bit, but the grain of truth is there to recognize some of the traits from our own experiences with horse people. 

Although the writing style is fairly basic and it does lack some details that would have really fleshed out the story, it’s a light, easy, fun read. The author has written four of these books total, but I have only read the first two. After my reread, maybe I’ll get the next two so I can finish the series!

My Rock Collection

I’m always picking up new hobbies. I like to give everything a try, and sometimes only the one try. But I’ve found something new that I can stick with. I only started a few weeks ago but I’m pretty into it now.

I walk through my pasture, looking for rocks, and then I place them in the formerly muddy area by the gate. I’ve spent many Friday nights scouring my field, searching for the heavy little gems. Sometimes I take a bucket with me to carry more of them and end up being trailed by grain-hopeful horses, or one Stu, who cares not for what’s in the bucket, but just wants the bucket because it looks fun to play with. Other times I try to balance an armful of rocks as I walk them to their new resting place. It’s like a real life mini-game, complete with frustration as they fall out of my arms.

My collection will be complete when it fills in all of the muddy area. I’m not sure if it’s overly ambitious, or not enough, as I seem to have a never ending supply of rocks in my field. I don’t know if I never noticed them before, or if they just appeared over the winter. There’s so many of them, it feels like I’m growing them – my very own rock crop.

If I spot a rock, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to go get it. I take my rock collecting very seriously. I think I may even be upset when I’ve cleared out all the rocks from my field.

My Pet Baby

The baby is just weeks away from turning one. She can stand on her own, and gets up multiple times a day, I would average at least every 3 minutes while she’s awake. But she doesn’t actually know how to get down, so she’ll stand for a while, and then start wailing because she doesn’t know what to do. Eventually she’ll just plop backwards, landing safely on my leg. I am constantly following her around to ensure her safety.

She has reached a very interactive stage. Although she can’t form human words, she does say things that I can identify, like asking for her bottle, and, of course, asking for Daddy. 

She’s also big on sharing. She likes to share literally everything she’s holding. And damnit, you better take it, or things get violent.

Aggressively offering me her pacifier.

She offered her water sippy cup to the dog – right into his poor face. But she makes up for it by offering him all the food she eats. I think the dog is mostly a fan of her.

After sharing whatever she had, she obviously wants it back. She’ll hold out her little hand for it. And then the cycle will repeat. She’s a very generous baby.

She also crawls after us in the house. She’ll be still, and then lock on to us, letting out a joyous squeak, and lunging forward at a top speed crawl. It’s completely adorable. 

Babies are so much work, but man are they cute. 

I hope you all had a great week, and have great things planned for the weekend!

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