Excitement in the Field

My husband told me the horses were running around the field. Well, he actually said, “That idiot horse is tearing up the field again.” I might be paraphrasing here, but the meaning was clear. (Also, he was referring to Berry this time, not my other idiot. But when I went out, both were running around, so technically it could have applied to either.

Since contrary to popular belief, horses don’t really run around that much, I rushed outside with my camera to try to get some pictures of the actions. I was also holding a baby because there was just no time to put her down. 

Holding a baby makes it a little tough to get super sharp images, but she was laughing and giggling at them running around, so it was worth it.

Notice how Vintage and Pony are just not having any of this. Vintage, of course, does not care for these youthful antics, but Pony is younger than Berry. He just had better things to do, like stand there.

It seems as though they got excited because they saw something, but I didn’t see it, so who knows. It could have been deer, a bear, a skunk, or just because a ray of light touched their skin

It’s always fun to see them run around. It’s not fun to see them tear up the young grass before it has a good root system. Hopefully the grass doesn’t mind taking one for the team.

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