The Brief – May 22, 2020

I’m pleased to announce I have a new partner! offers a variety of brand name products at affordable prices. As someone who both likes nice products, and also hates spending money, this appeals to me. 

I’m very happy to be partnering with them! You might be wondering what this means, so let me explain. They will be sending me some of the products they offer, and I will be giving my honest review of them. Every month or so, I’ll have a new product review for you, hot off the keyboard. 

In the near future, I will have a coupon code for readers to use, but for now, check out the deals they are already running. They helpfully provide coupon codes right at the product. 

The current code is a Memorial Day special. To honor those on the front line of this pandemic, they are offering 15% off your entire purchase. The 15% will be matched by to benefit local medical personnel at the Grab and Go Pantry at Wellington Regional Medical Center. 

Chloe Ting Workouts

Outdoor gyms are now allowed to be open in my state. We don’t live in California. It’s cool and damp outside right now, and it’s going to be hot and humid in a few weeks. There’s no way I’m using an outdoor gym in Virginia. We have a literally swamp in the south appropriately named what every swamp should be named. 

Okay, I am a long way from the swamp, so I am being a little dramatic, but I still have no inclination to do a workout outside, unless it’s at home and I can immediately shower. 

Bringing me to my new workout obsession – Chloe Ting. I can’t believe I only found her nearing the end of quarantine. She offers completely free workouts on YouTube, and they are good. I’ve only started this week and I can feel my gym muscles returning. The workouts are short and manageable. I haven’t worked out in a month so I was puffing, but it was doable. 

I highly recommend! I will follow up in a few weeks for the progress!

Peony Appreciation

Springtime is peony time. They are gorgeous! I just wish it lasted longer. 

One of these days I’m going to build a beautiful garden. I just don’t have enough flowers, except for peony season (I planted a lot of them!)

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  1. I read about Chloe about 2 weeks ago. Have not tried it yet. The breeches web site also has dog sweaters. Lots of good stuff.

  2. I love Chloe! I’ve been following her for years. She went quiet a little while back due to a serious leg injury, but it’s nice to see her active again. She got me hooked on overnight oats lol

    1. I hope the leg injury wasn’t related to her workouts lol. She is awesome though! I’ll have to look up the overnight oats, I never could figure them out.

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