Equine Couture Satin All Purpose Saddle Pad Review

I’ll be upfront and say I’ve always been a fan of Equine Couture because their products are so pretty and fashion forward. I already own a few of their saddle pads and apparel. 

Breeches.com sent me the Equine Couture Satin All Purpose Saddle Pad to review. I received the plum color, which now looks like it is out of stock. Bummer – it’s really pretty! The blue one that is still in stock looks beautiful though. This pad retails for $44.95. 

We will start with how pretty his pad is. It’s a rich plum color, very vibrant. It changes a little bit in the light, so sometimes it looks darker purple, and other times it looks more maroon.

So uh… that’s why it looks like the color keeps changing. Because it kind of is… depending on where I took the picture. 

It’s a beautiful fabric though. I cannot stay clean to save my life, and I was able to easily clean off mud with a damp rag.  

It’s not satin on the underside – there’s a lining made of a wicking material. Didn’t seem to collect much horse hair either, just a teeny amount that fell out easily. 

The pad is not flimsy, it’s thick enough to actually provide a little cushion without effecting the fit of the saddle. It has a lot of stitching work, with all the quilting and edging, and it’s all very precise and neat. Overall, this is a well made pad. 

It isn’t visible in the product photo but the saddle pad does have a stripe of glitter fabric going around the edge. It’s visible up close, but from a distance it just looks like white piping. It’s a little bit of bling, but since the saddle pad is already so vibrant, it’s not over the top.

The saddle pad also has billet and girth keepers. The girth keepers are velcro, which is so nice. Perfect for those of us that are very lazy and don’t like unhooking my girth all the way. 


Unfortunately though, my saddle has an extended leg flap, and I was unable to use the girth straps. The saddle just went right over them.

Visible below:  

Despite not using the girth straps, the saddle pad still stayed in place. May have been a good fit, or an amazing effort from the billet straps. I will likely just cut off the girth straps… which stinks to ruin the pad, but since I can’t use them anyway, they are just in the way. 

But still, this is a nice saddle pad. I’m not a crazy saddle pad collector like some people, but I do enjoy a nice saddle pad – and this is a good one. It’s a pretty design while still being practical.  

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