Neighborhood Hike, Potluck, and Party

Today our local trail club was having a hike and potluck. There was also a trail ride early in the morning, but it was one of those times where my trailer decided it did not want to participate, and expressed this by shutting off all its electronics. I stared at it for at least 15 minutes, but could not figure out what was wrong, so I can only assume that my trailer is having a mid-life crisis and doesn’t want to be a horse trailer anymore.

A food cart might be more its style.

But around this parts, we don’t appreciate trailers making this kind of decision, so it will be fixed soon enough, hopefully in time for my next lesson!

Dave and whipped up some fried asian noodles, and headed (sans trailer) to the one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever been in.

beautiful house

It was gorgeous. Dave and I agreed that this house, and its property would be our ideal home. The house was an older one that had been renovated and had additions. There were sweeping lawns in all directions, a tennis court, pool, pool house, other outhouses, pond, gardens, bonfire pit… just incredible. And access to the awesome trail system!

We went on the hike, and part of the hike was a scavenger hunt. Dave was one of the lucky people who spotted the prize: a stuffed ninja turtle with a chainsaw. After being worn as part of his hat for the remainder of the hike, the ninja turtle was exchanged for the real prize – a plate of homemade cookies.

It was a really nice hike through the woods, jumping over streams and tree trunks and chatting with neighbors. We walked parallel to the stream, and on some places we were on the edge of a significant drop. I will definitely be inserting more hiking into my life. Sadly, I got no pictures, and I am really kicking myself for that, because it was gorgeous back there.

We ended up being the speedy group, and got back way before much of the rest of our neighbors. There was lots of wine to greet us, a huge spread of food, and a local duo singing and playing the guitar. I would have been happy with this as my wedding.

Men of the organization were challenged with creating centerpieces to be judged, and they did some impressive work.

Gorgeous flower arrangement. Someone has good taste!
Dave’s favorite: Tools, and tulle. I see what you did there. 
My favorite: fishing themed! The gentleman who made it said he just realized he had to do it last night. So this is his “scramble to complete”

There was tons of food, tons of wines, and someone whipped up a mixed drink for me to try containing vermouth! I’ve never had vermouth, but it was pretty good!

It was oddly cold today. Dave sparked a lot of concern because he was only wearing a t-shirt, and was continually asked if people could lend him a jacket. He swears he wasn’t at all cold though. We ate and hung out by the bonfire, but eventually it was just too cold for me, and we headed out.

Everyone was so wonderful, and I’m just really happy that I’m blessed with such amazing neighbors. I’m really looking forward to using the trails with them! (and more parties, obviously!) I’m also very excited because I met some members of the Old People’s Riding Club, and they told me a bunch about it. There’s a local chapter, and I have to look into membership!

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Color Me Rad 5k


This past weekend, I went down to Knoxville, Tennessee to stroll casually along through the city and get color thrown on me. It was more fun that I’m leading you to be believe. I ran/jaunted it with a very wonderful person, but in an effort to protect her privacy, I’m going to keep her out of some photos. She doesn’t like being circulated online.

The shirt that was included in registration, plus my sweet new ink.
The shirt that was included in registration, plus my sweet new ink. Also shown is my bandaged finger, damaged in a tragic tomato slicing accident.

The organizers encouraged us to wear white, in order to make the sprays of color pop. We had a surprisingly difficult time finding a white shirt the day before our race (because we are cheap), so we decided just to wear the shirt that came with the race. But we lucked out, because they were selling white shirts at the race for the low price of $10. We just had to stand in line for 20 minutes to get it.

Totally worth it though. The purple is already popping!
Totally worth it though. The purple is already popping!

We walked the whole thing, and it was very pleasant. The best part, of course, was being sprayed with color.



And of course it turns out that I got a faceful of the least flattering color to be caked with.


To add to the effect, I ended up with pink dots all over my face, so it looks like I had some kind of skin disease. To the organizers, I suggest less yellow next time, maybe more blue or something. Blue looks good on me. Thanks for catering to me.

There were professional photographers set up to take photos, but the line was so dang long, there was no way we were waiting around for that. We improvised by finding a sign that had been abandoned behind a tent.


Other than the random bits of trash, it’s not too shabby!

Overall, I would rate this a great experience, and maybe I’ll do the DC one too. We enjoyed our casual stroll, and luckily we didn’t feel like a bunch of lazy people either, because there were a lot of people walking. Our brothers and sisters in sloth, united.

We decided to return home messy, in order to show our spouses the colorful messes we had become. When her small child saw me, she was horrified, likely because it looked like I now had a contagious skin condition. It actually was kind of contagious, because the powder fell off pretty easy.

I am really hoping that the white shirt is permanently stained, because it looks like watercolor. But since I’m still too lazy to have washed it, I still don’t know what will happen. This is why I would make a bad detective. I could figure out the mystery easy enough, but meh… I’ll figure it out later.

Now I’m so jazzed up about 5ks, I have to find another one to do!

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