Welcome to 2021

bleached driftwood on the beach

We made it through 2020. Kudos are in order.  Of course, 2021 starting isn’t going to magically cause life to suddenly become normal again. It’s still going to be strange times for a while. I have high hopes for the new year. I have a lot of goals, personal, financial, equestrian, and family, that I […]

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Family Time

bank of the Potomac River

It has been a busy few weeks. Grandma came up to stay and watch Bridgette, giving me time to get things done. We did some housework, I’m riding regularly, and we had family time! I ended up so busy, I didn’t get to blog as much as I would have liked. Unfortunately I only get […]

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National Sporting Library and Museum

Did you know there’s a museum devoted to the sport and culture of equestrianism? Okay, so it does include other things, but there’s a lot of horse going on here. It’s called the National Sporting Library and Museum, and it’s located in hunt country/horse country, Middleburg Virginia. They offer exhibitions, educational programs, and family activities throughout […]

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Cobbler Mountain Cider

cider taps

We have a new hangout – we’ve spent many weekend days here, sipping on cider. We went after Gold Cup, we went after putting up fence posts, we went JUST because. Wineries are fun and all, but then I have to go through the tedious process of pretending like I know all about wine, and […]

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Warrenton Old Jail Museum

I’ve been very interested in travel recently, but it made me start thinking – what about being a tourist in my own area? It seems pretty convenient since I’m already in the area. I decided to check out a local museum that I didn’t even know was here, despite walking past it several times.  We investigated, […]

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Spring Gold Cup

Gold Cup was over a week ago. But it did happen, so here’s the official report.  It was a very wet, very muddy day that basically passed in a blur. But a great day with bloggers Emma, D’Arcy, and Shelby!  We actually got Emma to come out! We were thrilled that we managed to bring her to our […]

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Gentle Harvest Delayed Open Party

We drove into our little town on Saturday to drop our truck off to be fixed (finally, omg!). For a town that consists of one street, it was surprisingly active, and we soon discovered the source: A new market had (sort of) opened. But, this is not just any market. This market is owned by […]

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