Frontier Women

I have the usual talk with my coworkers about what we all did over the weekend. Most people say things like going to a winery or seeing a baseball game or going out to eat. My response is that I cut down trees.  I do enjoy the shock on people’s faces when I tell them […]

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Barn Plans

I am very, very excited to share my brand new barn plans! WOOOOOO!! My mother came out to take some measurements of the existing barn, and based on my vague description of what I would like, has come up with a plan that brings everything together.  Behold! The overall layout: One outside view: Another outside […]

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The Long Term

I took a talent assessment test a few months ago through my work. It was to identify my skills so I could best leverage them at work. My strongest skill was “Futuristic.” I’m a planner. I think ahead. I can’t just think of what the next step is, I need to think of what the […]

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Clearing Progress

Another successful weekend of clearing! Progress is becoming more and more apparent, and it is looking like a turn out space, instead of a mess of scrubby trees. We (the amazing team that I can’t believe is actually showing up to do this) cleared out a huge dead tree that had fallen, three scrubby hell […]

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The Trailer is Out

trailer sinking in mud

Yet another “In Memory of” post… my trailer has died. It is now in the trailer graveyard at the repair shop. Technically, I could perform CPR on it, and revive it. But the cost of doing so is the same as the price I initially paid for it… so I’m not feeling an overwhelming urge […]

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Clearing Continues

clearing land

Sunday was a big day for cleaning out more woods. We cut down more trees, and disposed of the trees we cut down. D’Arcy had recruited some family members and we became a well oiled machine, cutting down, and dragging out to the fire her brother had built. The fire was huge! It had been […]

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Clearing the Land

women using chainsaws

Now that I’ve picked the horse, I need to have room for it and D’Arcy’s foal. It’s finally time to clear our some more acreage on my farm. (Really, it was time ages ago, but this is good motivation to get moving.) Dave ripped something in his arm, so he was unable to cut down […]

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New Arena Footing

Guys. GUYS! I am so excited because I got new arena footing! This is the best day ever! I didn’t even have to pay for it! D’Arcy traveled to an exotic beach, and since she didn’t ask me what she should bring me back, I offered to her that she should bring back some sand […]

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Baby Chicks Update

A while back, I had baby chicks born. They were adorable, fuzzy little black things. But now they have grown up. The ones Dave picked up from the store have been given to my neighbor, and the fuzzy little black ones were put outside. Unfortunately, one of them did wander away and disappear forever. Rest in […]

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