The Stages of Going to the Gym

The Trigger Something triggers you to join a gym. New Year’s, or a desire to finally do it, or a picture, either of someone who did do it, or a picture of yourself, and you are shocked at how you changed so much without noticing.  There’s a gym by your work, or by your house, […]

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Whole 30 Follow Up

A while back, I started up Whole 30. I meant to post a more weekly update of what was going on, but let’s be serious – I didn’t have much to say and it would have been super boring. But, now that it’s been several weeks I thought I’d provide an update. Yes, I kept […]

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Whole 30 – Week 1

I have made it a full week on Whole 30. It wasn’t that hard. Apparently “tough love” is common in this system, and there’s an emphasis on not being that hard. I agree it’s really not that hard. I did end up buying the book to see what I had actually got myself into – […]

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Whole 30 Diet

itchy pony

Today I embark upon the whole 30 diet. I was kind of tricked into it, but I decided it seems like a good idea. Two coworkers behind my desk, discussing something. As one turns to leave, she says, “Courtney! You’ll do it, too, right?” and I said, “Sure, I’m in!” And then I had to […]

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Reasons Equestrians Workout

After an extensive study, I have concluded the following: Inconclusive if barn chores count as working out. Heard frequent comments that it should be counted, with the proof that one usually needs a shower afterward. Further studies to follow.

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The Hill Work

hill work conditioning

This warm weather has been incredible, and inspired me to make the beautiful image above of trotting through a glorious meadow (just squint and use your imagination). Finally, I can emerge from my hovel, and get back to riding. Except that my poor Berry, who has been mostly idle for the duration of winter, is […]

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