The Barn Plan

hay storage

I’ve had big barn plans in the past, but I’ve since scaled back my more elaborate ideas. A couple of factors play into this – the time required, the cost, and considering resale value down the road. If I built something more elaborate, chances are I would never get my money back.  So, the new […]

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The Mud Problem

This has been the wettest year I can remember. Certainly, the wettest year since we bought this farm. We would get weeks of rain, one week of sun, and more weeks of rain. All that rain amounted to so much mud. More mud than I’ve dealt with.  My normal mud control is to scrape it out […]

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I’m Not Dead

It’s been almost three months since my last post. My god, where has the time went?! At first it was time. And then it was exhaustion. And then when it wasn’t my routine anymore, I just forgot about it… To get everyone all caught up, here’s the high level of things that happened over the […]

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Stubert the Yearling

yearling colt

My little Stubert is officially a yearling now! My little boy is growing up! Technically his birthday was June 4th, but it’s never to late to celebrate! So what has little Stubert been doing? Well, I’m glad you asked!  He’s gone on solo walks around the property, getting a bit excited and light footed, but […]

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2018 Foals

warmblood foals

Happy Monday everyone! The rain finally stopped in Virginia (for now), the animals are doing good, and I’m really excited about an upcoming trip. I’ve gotten out of the practice of updating, but I’m going to try to get on a regular schedule again. I’m thinking like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The pressure is on! I […]

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Flint GSF

We visited one of our favorite places – Greenstone Farm! Where’s Stu’s little life came into being! They already have a bunch of foals, and then they have sweet little yearlings that I remember from last year as foals, and of course, the big guys, Stu’s sire, and Ollie’s sire. Here is Stu’s sire, the […]

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2018 Spring Gold Cup

Springtime is Virginia Gold Cup time! One of the best excuses to day drink, ever!  Gold Cup attracts about 100,000 people from the DC area to our little area of Virginia. We joked on the way over there that for some of the people who come, this is likely the only time they leave the […]

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Childhood Horse Photos Part 2

I wasn’t thinking there was going to be a part 2… but then my mom sent me a whole bunch of photos! Awesome!  Part 1 was basically my western years… I started out riding hunt seat, but I changed to western, and I think the casual influence of that rubbed off on me a bit. […]

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Childhood Horse Photo Album

My mom recently made me come get a bunch of stuff from her house. Stuff that I’ve left there basically since I left home 11(?) years ago. I suggested she just throw it all in the trash, and asked if I could throw it in her trash, but she told me I can throw it […]

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