Ground Work with Stu

Stu is now a big two year old. He’s spent the last year of his life basically being feral. He got some basic training at his breeder’s farm, and then I worked with him a few times until I got pregnant and he kicked me twice, like a little shit. I decided it was too […]

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I’m Not Dead

It’s been almost three months since my last post. My god, where has the time went?! At first it was time. And then it was exhaustion. And then when it wasn’t my routine anymore, I just forgot about it… To get everyone all caught up, here’s the high level of things that happened over the […]

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Flint GSF

We visited one of our favorite places – Greenstone Farm! Where’s Stu’s little life came into being! They already have a bunch of foals, and then they have sweet little yearlings that I remember from last year as foals, and of course, the big guys, Stu’s sire, and Ollie’s sire. Here is Stu’s sire, the […]

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Weanling Walk

Over the weekend we did Weanling Walk 2: The Reckoning. Weanling Walk 1 is here.  Weanling Walk 2 ended up being much better! Who would have thought a sequel would have been better than the original?!  This time, I stuck a camera similar to a GoPro on my head and recorded the whole thing. The […]

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The Weanling Field Dance

westfalen weanlings

We planned this weekend to get the babies trailer loading. That didn’t go to plan. But, one thing I’d learned with horses is doing some ambitious plan will force me what we need to work on.  In this case, we were walking them up to the trailer, through the big field that the horses are […]

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The Herd

This long weekend was a fun weekend of visitors! And I popped up on Eventing Nation! I have officially peaked, it’s time to retire. Shelby came back up, and naturally, she had to see the little babies. I think she was a hit with them.    Stubert and Shelby doing the official muzzle bump greeting. […]

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Baby Bonding

weanling training

With the deep freeze coming through last week, it has been rough on the farm. The pipes froze in the barn which meant that Dave and I were hauling buckets of water down from the house. Not fun at all, and I feel especially bad for Dave as he was alone last week, hauling buckets […]

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Foal Hernia

foal scratches

When Stu was born, he had a teeny little hernia. It was so small that I didn’t even notice it until the vet pointed it out during the vet check.  I’ve never had a horse with a hernia before, having never owned a horse so young. It isn’t uncommon in babies – It’s basically a […]

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2018 Goals

Despite all my efforts to discover time travel, the years continue to go by faster and faster. Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up 80 years old. To maximize the moments I have left, I am actually going to set some goals this year. I don’t think I set any last year, and then I ended […]

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