Bridling Stubert

bridled horse head

Stubert is now being bridled, and learning about the bit. Much to Berry’s dismay (I imagine), I just borrowed her bridle, because frankly, it was the easiest thing to do. And if there’s one thing I like, it’s things being easy. Speaking of things being easy, I’m still weighing on if I should send him […]

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Stubert in Baby Horse Training

Stubert is getting worked with just every other day now. Nothing excessive, just groundwork and manners. Things I would/should have been doing before if I wasn’t pregnant, and then converted into baby life. But now I have the time, so it’s a priority to turn him into the best possible young horse. To clarify a […]

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Appreciating Winter

I feel like I’ve been complaining about winter too much recently. It’s cold, miserable, muddy, etc. This may come as a shock, but I actually don’t hate winter. Really, I just like complaining. There are lots of nice things about winter that I can appreciate, especially since the pipes in my barn aren’t frozen. Things […]

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The Baby Loves Horses

I continue to try to combine the baby and the horses. One day I’m going to get this to work. I bundled up Bridgette, and took her outside once again. This time she understands more of what’s going on, and I’m pretty sure she remembers the horses. She was pretty happy to see them. She […]

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Where are Your Manners, Horse?

Stu was shy when I first met him. Being a little foal, he naturally wanted to be with his mother, and not with this stranger who showed up occasionally. He was still timid when he came to my farm and was overshadowed by the far more personable Ollie, who wanted to be best friends immediately. […]

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Dealing with the Muck Pile

Everyone poops, but horses are particularly well known for their pooping. I’ve been stalling my horses at night for about a month, and this has caused a large side effect. My horses are no longer out all the time, pooping where they please, and instead are pooping in stalls that have to be cleaned daily. […]

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A Snow Day

The first snowfall of the winter has come!  It’s beautiful to look at, and I love it for photos. For practical purposes though, man, I hate snow. It just adds a layer of annoyance when taking care of the horses. Its annoying to walk through, it’s annoying to clear it away, and it’s annoying when […]

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Now that I’ve had my shed for two years now, I feel confident in circling back around to review it. I bought my shed way back in fall of 2017 for two reasons – to house some yearlings while I constructed a more permenant structure for them, and then to house farm equipment and hay.  […]

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Creativity on Instagram

I may have gone a little crazy on Instagram.  I mainly used to post photos of my horses, usually out in their pasture, but I’m going to be honest here –  I was running out of inspiration. I’d still take the photos, but they all seemed so alike. I was boring myself.  So I decided […]

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Building Horse Stalls

I have been hard at work in the barn. My first focus is putting in stalls so I can actually bring in the horses out of the weather. Technically I could before, as I just used the whole open space for Stu, but Pony didn’t really have a stall, he lived in the hallway of […]

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