Riding Without an Instructor

riding alone

In the past, I’ve gone extended amounts of time without a trainer. When I was a kid, I literally thought I knew all there was to know, causing me to get untrained Vintage and fall off so many times I lost count. Also, one time she threw her head back so hard, it smashed my face and […]

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My First Grid

I’m trying to get in as many lessons as possible before my next show. Even though I still have to get through my three nervous experiences before getting a good experience, I’d like to make the next one as not nervous as possible. Tuesday, was the first of my two lessons this week. But, instead […]

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A Great Lesson

After feeling disappointed that I didn’t do better at my show, I had a prep talk with myself. I sternly told myself that I need to put in much more effort, and be braver. At my show, I basically went into potato spaghetti mode, put in no effort, and forgot everything I’ve been working on for […]

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