Video – Day With Baby

12 week baby

It suddenly dawned on me that Bridgette is growing up so fast and literally changed on a weekly basis. She’s not the tiny newborn anymore, gawping at the world, and my photos of her sitting around just aren’t the same as my living memories of her. I found myself wishing I had an actual video […]

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Body After Baby

It’s now been 11 weeks since I had Bridgette, and I’m pleased to report that I still have a body.  I say that because I’ve heard and seen of so many women who are afraid that having a baby will ruin their bodies. Or they did have a baby or multiple babies, and they feel […]

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Time Management

tummy time

Little baby Bridgette is now nearly 5 weeks old. It really does go so fast! Granted, it probably also went fast because my life has recently become a blur of days. Day and night no longer matter. Time is abstract. All that matters is the cry of the wild Bridgette, her little pleas indicating any […]

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The Gender Reveal

Big news in our world! The baby is in the factory, continuing to get bigger and stronger, but to double check on that, I had my anatomy scan to ensure all the parts were there. After all, we don’t want any surprises!  The anatomy scan is typically done right around the 20 week mark. They […]

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The Major Life Changing Event

You already knew that I wasn’t dead, so me being alive isn’t the big deal (although, in a way, it’s a pretty big deal for me.) Instead, this is a different life changing event, although it is actually related to why I have been MIA for a while now.  For you see… I am pregnant! […]

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Cobbler Mountain Cider

cider taps

We have a new hangout – we’ve spent many weekend days here, sipping on cider. We went after Gold Cup, we went after putting up fence posts, we went JUST because. Wineries are fun and all, but then I have to go through the tedious process of pretending like I know all about wine, and […]

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2018 Spring Gold Cup

Springtime is Virginia Gold Cup time! One of the best excuses to day drink, ever!  Gold Cup attracts about 100,000 people from the DC area to our little area of Virginia. We joked on the way over there that for some of the people who come, this is likely the only time they leave the […]

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Childhood Horse Photo Album

My mom recently made me come get a bunch of stuff from her house. Stuff that I’ve left there basically since I left home 11(?) years ago. I suggested she just throw it all in the trash, and asked if I could throw it in her trash, but she told me I can throw it […]

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Side Saddle Chase Benefit Gala

Holy smokes, I’m still alive! I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! I’m still kickin’ though… just haven’t been feeling inspired to write anything, despite things happening, and me thinking, “man, I should blog about that.”  Well, I’ll start with my favorite thing to happen recently – I went to a benefit gala!  The […]

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Pink Hair

pink hair

Well, I did it. Something I would have only thought teenagers capable of pulling off. Something that in my day, only rebellious teenagers did. I dyed my hair pink. Although I went the grown-up adult way of doing it, and went to a salon and paid an absurd amount of money for someone else to […]

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