The Great Pony Escape

horse lifestyle

Check it out, you guys! I made a YouTube video! This is the first time that I filmed footage specifically to create a YouTube video, and I’m not too unhappy with the results!  It’s footage from when I went riding a few weeks ago, and my sly little Pony got out when I was putting […]

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First Show of the Year

We took the mismatched bays out to a local hunter show, and overall, it went great! It was such a fun day, I can’t wait to do it again. D’Arcy rode little bay Pony Man. She was initially going to take him in the green pony division, but apparently green ponies is only for children, […]

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The Pony Man Can

Pony, being a full grown 5 year old pony, needs to get out and see the world. I can show him the world…. you know, if I feel like. But in this case, D’Arcy will show him the world. She started by riding him last weekend.  So, to give you a brief recap of the […]

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TTouch Evaluation: Pony Man

Now the thrilling conclusion of the TTouch Blog Mini Series. I only have three equines, so I can only do so much with this topic. Today’s contestant: Pony Man, a 5-year-old, medium sized pony with a heart filled with arrogance, and cowardliness, in equal measures. He enjoys galloping up to greet people, or hiding behind […]

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Horse Birthdays

Berry’s birthday was yesterday. She is now 7 years old. Pony was a bit disgruntled, possibly because I completely forgot about his birthday. His birthday was exactly one week ago. He just turned 5. Sorry Pony. I’ll do something for you at a later time. Not that he would appreciate it, of course. It was […]

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An Ode to Pony

From the author of the acclaimed best seller, Fifty Shades of Bay, and such inspirational posts as I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Horse Movies, comes a¬†poetry debut of such depth and beauty, you may literally cry in your seat. An Equestrian Life presents: An Ode to ¬†Smart-Ass Little Pony Oh Pony, My Pony, You […]

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The Return of the Pony

german riding pony canter

Pony Man is back from training. He was gone for a bit over 90 days, and it flew by. He left as a boy, and has returned a man. Now, he is ready to do great things. He had quite the adventure at his trainer’s barn, and he did get to spend a little bit […]

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My Fair Pony

pony face

Pony Man was standing quietly at the edge of his stall. He liked to put his hooves on the threshold and stick his head as far over as it could go to watch the aisle. Luckily that obnoxious goat was nowhere nearby, so there were no distractions as he contemplated life. He vaguely remembered a […]

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